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Tracker Gives Pet Owners 24/7 Look at Pet’s Activity

It uses Bluetooth technology to upload data on a number of a pet’s behaviors and activities to a smartphone app.




(PRESS RELEASE) There are many times when pet owners are unable to monitor their pet’s behavior and activity. Asleep, at work or away from home for any number of reasons, it is impossible to constantly monitor what a pet is doing. But now the Sure Petcare’s Animo behavior tracker offers a hi-tech solution that allows pet owners a 24/7 glimpse into many of their pets behaviors and activity.

This small collar worn sensor uses Bluetooth technology to upload data on a number of a pet’s behaviors and activities to a smartphone app. This gives pet owners insight into the daily lives of their pets that has not been available before. By tracking parameters such as barking, scratching, shaking, activity and sleep, pet owners can better understand their pet’s patterns of daily life and make adjustments that can affect the health and well-being of their dog or cat.

Animo allows pet owners to track is the quality of their pet’s sleep. A good nights sleep can do wonders for a dogs overall health and well-being, while several nights of poor quality sleep might be a sign of stress, discomfort or illness.

Pet parent and U.K. resident Donna Jarvis, owner of a 2-year-old Labradoodle, discovered using data from the Animo that showed due to a recent close cropped haircut her dog was shaking at night and his sleep was poor because he was cold. She added more bedding and was soon able to see that his shaking was gone and his sleep had improved.

Pet parent and U.K. resident Lucy Hood, has been using the Animo on her dogs Daisy and Molly for the last two months. Before the Animo, even though she had access to the outside, Lucy thought Molly didn’t do much. But she has been reassured through use of the Animo that she does a lot more during the day than she thought. Lucy was also able to see that Molly was more active at night, but when she does sleep it is good quality sleep.

Pet parent and U.K. resident Ben Wood is the owner of a 1-year-old Cockapoo named Beano. Ben recently had an incident that showed how close the Animo is able to track his dogs sleep habits. “He’s a young dog who sleeps well so he is consistently above 90 percent,” said Wood. “That said, he certainly missed out on some sleep on New Year’s Eve when we partied until 3:30 a.m. — that is a blip in his almost perfect sleep record when he dipped below 50 percent,” he added.


Sleep is just one of the important parameters that the Animo tracks. When synced with the app owners will be able to use their smartphones to gain a deeper insight into the daily lives of their pets. This is modern technology that allows for a greater understanding of a dog’s health and well-being.

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