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Under the Weather Enhances Bland Diets with Bone Broth

They contain no meat byproducts, gluten, artificial flavors, dyes or chemicals.




(PRESS RELEASE) Under the Weather Founder and President, Kyla Sternlieb, has announced that Under the Weather will introduce three new freeze-dried bland diets enhanced with bone broth at SuperZoo 2019.

The new line of three bone broth formulas will join the existing line of six freeze-dried bland diets, which received an Industry Recognition Award by Pet Business magazine in December 2017. In 2018, the company enhanced the award-winning line to include electrolytes to help maintain healthy hydration levels during times of digestive upset, such as vomiting and diarrhea. The addition of bone broth will now add the following benefits: support for joint health, help with liver detoxification, support for digestive health, boost the immune system and provide nutrients for a sick dog.

Under the Weather freeze-dried bland diets offer busy pet parents a convenient, healthy solution to cooking a bland diet. Traditionally, when a vet recommends feeding a bland diet to a dog, it requires shopping for ingredients and going home to cook. Under the Weather bland diets eliminate the need for cooking; just add boiling water to rehydrate the freeze-dried ingredients, cool and serve.

Under the Weather bone broth bland diets will include three flavors: Rice, Chicken & Bone Broth; Rice, Hamburger & Bone Broth; and Rice, Bison & Bone Broth. All ingredients are raised or grown in the U.S.A. The premium meats include cage-free white meat chicken and grass-fed bison and beef for the hamburger — all raised without antibiotics or hormones and processed in a USDA human-grade facility. Manufactured in Vermont, these formulas contain no meat byproducts, gluten, artificial flavors, dyes or chemicals. Shelf stable for up to three years. With an MSRP of $14.99, each pouch makes two to four meals, depending on the size of the dog.




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