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Uproot Clean Captures a Best In Show Award at Its First Ever Global Pet Expo

The Uproot 7-1 Vacuum Powered Grooming Kit takes home top award In the Pet Tech Innovation category.




(PRESS RELEASE) DORAL, FL – Uproot Clean, a brand and product line focused on providing pet owners with effective and patented tools to help manage excess pet hair made a splash at their first ever Global Pet Expo by taking home First Place in the Pet Tech Innovation category of the New Product Showcase for their 7-1 Vacuum Powered Uproot Grooming Kit.

“Our presence at Global Pet Expo 2024 marked Uproot Clean’s first ever retail trade show, and to head home with a First Place – Best In Show trophy is a huge accomplishment and honor.” says Uproot Clean founder Mehul Patel. “We really wanted to plant our flag as a new and exciting brand in pet that retailers should take a serious look at,” adds Dan Fallak, Director of Wholesale at Uproot Clean. “This award really helped us do exactly that.”

The award winning product, the Uproot Clean 7-1 Grooming Kit is an at-home grooming appliance that employs Silent Groom technology so it is easy on the ears of pets. With a warm air heating element for drying pets, to multiple attachments from clippers, to a deshedder, to a grooming brush, it offers pet owners an easy and convenient way to groom their pets at home.

Uproot Clean is mostly known for its assortment of patented and effective handheld manual tools like the Uproot Cleaner Mini, Pro, Max and Xtra that are trusted by well over a 1.5 million pet owners to remove excess pet hair from rugs, carpeting, upholstery, clothing, and in vehicles.

With the Uproot Grooming Kit, the company took a big leap into the world of powered grooming appliances, and the bet has paid off, with customers raving about the quality and just how effective and convenient it is.

“Ultimately, we are looking to become the go-to brand for any pet hair and pet clean-up solutions by offering innovative and effective products,” adds Patel. “We have some great new product line extensions in the pipeline coming out over the next 18 months that we’re really excited about.”


To learn more about the Uproot Grooming Kit and the entire suite of Uproot Cleaner pet hair removal tools visit To open a wholesale account, learn how to order, or to find a distributor visit here.

About Uproot Clean

Uproot Clean was created to help pet owners manage pet hair wherever it may be. Excess pet hair is a massive problem and a daily pain point for hundreds of millions of pet owners. This problem deserves a solution, and Uproot Clean offers an assortment of very well made and highly effective tools to remove pet hair from upholstery, carpeting, rugs, clothes, and vehicles. Our mission is to help pet owners live life, hair free!



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