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Van Ness Introduces EZ Clean Enclosed Cat Litter Pan

The new product features a flip top that eliminates the need to remove the hood before scooping.




(PRESS RELEASE) CLIFTON, NJ – Van Ness Pet Products, a family owned and operated company dedicated to developing pet products that are safe for pets and the environment alike, showcases its new EZ Clean Enclosed Cat Litter Pan.

Designed specifically for more efficient cleanups, the EZ Clean Enclosed Cat Litter Pan features a flip top that eliminates the need to remove the hood before scooping. Additionally, the flip top helps contain litter scatter, urine spray and odors inside the box.

“Not only does this extra-spacious, jumbo size pan maximize cat comfort, but it’s also perfect for multi-cat homes and larger or messier cats,” said Will Van Ness, president of Van Ness. “The new litter pan joins our line of quality pet care products, which have evolved greatly over the last 7 decades.”

The pan’s wide door opening offers cat owners plenty of room when scooping, plus it allows cats of all sizes to easily enter and exit. Inside, the non-stick surfaces prevent litter buildup and there are no stubborn corners to trap litter, further promoting swift cleanups.

Between its odor-blocking door and replaceable Van Ness Zeolite Air Filter in the hood, the pan keeps unpleasant aromas at bay. The EZ Clean Enclosed Cat Litter Pan is designed for long-lasting use, and it’s made in the USA from pet-safe, odor and stain resistant materials.


The EZ Clean Enclosed Cat Litter Pan will be available later this month for a suggested retail price of $49.99. For more information about Van Ness and its innovative collection of pet care products, visit

About Van Ness Pet Products

Family owned and operated for over 70 years, Van Ness is a leader in providing quality pet care products that fit the needs of pets and provide great value to pet owners too. Every Van Ness product is designed to meet the brand’s own industry quality standard called “Pureness”, which represents superior benchmarks for pure quality, pure functionality, pure style and pure safety. Van Ness extends the concept of Pureness through its unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, animal welfare and community involvement. For more information, please visit



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