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Walkee Paws Launches New Winter Dog Leggings

They provide pups with maximum comfort and paw protection.




(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK — Winter will be gone before you know it, making it the perfect time to dress in your best styles of the season. And the same goes for your pets. A new trend took the fido fashion by storm late last year with the launch of Walkee Paws, the first and only dog leggings to hit the pet apparel market.

Walkee Paws are the softest, stretchiest leggings for your four-footed friends. Designed with durable, four-way stretch fabric and waterproof rubber soles, Walkee Paws protect your pooch from the elements and prevent the many germs, chemicals and allergens they pick up from entering your home. Unlike other dog booties that slip off mid-walk, Walkee Paws have a patented design that protects your pup’s entire legs and connect cleverly over the back so they’re guaranteed to stay on. They’re also loose around the ankle for maximum canine comfort and feature thin rubber booties that mimic dogs’ natural walking pattern.

It’s no secret that pet owners today are spoiling their canine companions more than ever. In addition to splurging on higher-quality foods, products and services, the popularity of pet fashion is continuously growing each year, too. Because let’s face it: Anything a human can wear, a dog can wear, too! Invented by New Yorkmarketing expert and dog owner Lisa Baronoff, Walkee Paws Leggings for Dogs have taken this idea to the next level. Not only are these unique leggings fun, trendy and so doggone cute, but they also provide pups with maximum comfort and paw protection, all while keeping dirt and germs outside where they belong.

Like most dog owners in New York, Lisa couldn’t help but think about all the germs that were being tracked into her home after every outdoor excursion with her dogs Toffee and Stir Fry. She was also concerned about the discomfort they seemed to be in throughout the year, thanks to everything from hot sidewalks, freezing cold snow, and the dangerous salt and street chemicals that were irritating their feet and putting them in danger.

“As a dog owner in Manhattan, I grew increasingly concerned over the germs, dirt, chemicals, rain and snow my dogs were coming into contact with while navigating the concrete jungle,” says Lisa Baronoff, Walkee Paws founder. “Walkee Paws were created with safety and cleanliness top of mind We’ve fashioned a new way to make walks even more fun, with fetching designs that are easy to wear and protect dogs from all the rough and potentially dangerous elements outside.”

Convinced that she could discover a way to preserve her home’s cleanliness and protect her pups from harm, Lisa embarked on a mission to find the perfect solution. She spent months trying various options on the market, but was unimpressed with what she found. Wipes and washes were too wet and messy, leaving a trail of paw prints along the floor. Booties made her dogs uncomfortable and were difficult to get on (and keep on, too).


But with more than 20 years of experience as a marketing executive across world-renowned companies such as Mattel and Sara Lee Hosiery, Lisa ultimately came up with a brilliant idea. She raced to her closet, grabbed two pairs of old pantyhose and cut them into leggings. Next, she slipped them onto her pup’s legs, tied them over his back and—hot dog—they stayed in place. The pantyhose acted like a sling, making the whole experience easy for her and comfortable for her dogs. That’s when the idea for Walkee Paws was born.

Since launching in November 2018, customers have reaped the many benefits of Walkee Paws during this cold and snowy season. Walkee Paws protect dogs from rain, snow, slush, salt and other chemicals that can be dangerous when ingested. And although they’re the ideal accessory for winter months, Walkee Paws can also be worn year-round. In warm weather, they prevent hot-pavement burns and give lawn chemicals, allergens and ticks the boot.

Dogs and their owners alike have fallen head over paws for these waterproof accessories, so make sure to grab your pup a pair before conquering the final snowstorms of the year. To learn more, visit here



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