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WashBar Launches New Gentle Bar—Great For Puppies

The New Zealand-based natural petcare company adds a new shampoo bar that’s as gentle on pets as it is on the environment.




(PRESS RELEASE) WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND — New Zealand-based natural petcare company WashBar introduces the newest addition to its line of pet shampoo bars to the US market. The Gentle Bar ($13.00) is ideal for puppies, pets with sensitive skin, and smaller breeds.

Developed using an olive and coconut oil-based formula with Lavender, Argan, and Manuka oils, the Gentle Bar is 100% natural and free of harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances. The bar is also crafted without the use of harmful palm oil that contributes to deforestation. Every ingredient that goes into WashBar’s Gentle Bar is carefully chosen to gently soothe and nourish without irritation, making it the perfect choice for sensitive puppy skin. And, the Manuka and Lavender oils used in the Gentle Bar are harvested locally from the producers in New Zealand, which ensures the highest quality and ethical sourcing.

“With our new Gentle Bar, we’re thrilled to be expanding our line of ethically-sourced pet products in the United States,” says CEO and owner Louise “Lou” Knight. “Perfect for smaller breeds and puppies, our Gentle Bar harnesses the natural power of our local flora to cleanse and nourish. We’re particularly proud of our Manuka oil sourced from New Zealand’s East Cape, home to the highest quality Manuka in the world.”

The Gentle Bar joins WashBar’s quality line of pet care products, including their Original WashBar for Dogs, the Manuka WashBar for dogs with itchy or irritated skin, the Horse & Hound Shampoo Bar for big animals, and the moisturizing Paw Balm to help protect and heal your pup’s paws and skin. All of WashBar’s products are created to meet your pet’s individualized needs: targeting and repairing itchy skin, cleaning sensitive puppy skin, naturally repelling pests, and more.

Using the Gentle Bar is easy—much easier than traditional liquid shampoos. WashBar’s bar soaps are small enough to hold in one hand, meaning you have a free hand to hold your dog – their curved design also helps the bar mold to your pet’s body and get into those hard-to-reach spots. They’re also more economical: liquid shampoos are typically diluted with water, so WashBar’s bar soaps offer more cleaning power for your money. Perhaps most importantly, bar soaps are better for the environment than liquid soaps, eliminating the use of plastic bottles and using fewer resources to transport.

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About WashBar
WashBar produces natural, safe, and sustainable petcare products that actually work –– they are as effective, if not more so, than the popular synthesized alternatives.

The New Zealand-based brand was founded in 2010 out of a genuine need – at the time, the vast majority of petcare products on the market were full of harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances.

Since its debut, WashBar has extended its offerings to include a full range of sustainable, all-natural pet shampoos, balms, and more that keep pets smelling great (with pure essential oils and no synthetics), help with itchy skin, fleas, ticks, and are all made in New Zealand.

WashBar launched in the United States in 2021 and continues to expand its retail footprint.



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