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Wet Dog Foods Make the Case for Canned Proteins

Some pet parents like to split the difference and add wet food to dry, giving dogs the best of both worlds.




THE HIGHER PRICE POINTS, quick spoilage point and misinformation about dog dental health make wet dog food a harder sell than kibble, but it’s hard to compete with the delectable aroma from a freshly opened can. Wet food is more palatable and typically contains more pure protein than their dry counterparts, with fewer carbs. Some pet parents like to split the difference and add wet food to dry, giving dogs the best of both worlds. 

Succulent Stews

Carrots, peas and potatoes show up in the heartiest of stews, which are simply combinations of solid foods that have been cooked in liquid and served in the resulting gravy. The long simmer of a stew will break down the gelatinous connective tissue of a low-quality cut of meat to create a deep and flavorful broth. On a cold spring day, it’s a great way for pet parents to feel like they’re keeping dogs cozy and well-fed.  

PRICE SCALE: $$ 5 to 15 cents per oz. / $$ 16 to 23 cents per oz. / $$$ 24 to 30 cents per oz. / $$$$ 31 to 40 cents per oz 

Stewlicious Gobbledy Good Stew
Dave’s Pet Food

Selling Point: Loaded with turkey, sweet potatoes, carrots and green beans, plus added vitamins and minerals; all made in the USA

best for: The grain-free and all-natural goddess, (888) 763-2738

Happy Hips Chicken & Sweet Potato Stew

Selling Point: Cage-free chicken with fruits and veggies in a sweet potato broth make this look and taste like it was made at home

best for: Home gourmands helping pets with joint pain, (888) 559-8833

Grain Free Savory Beef Stew
Holistic Health Extension

Selling Point: Super premium ingredients — sans hormones, steroids, by-products or fillers

best for: Those as concerned about their dogs’ healthy eating as their own,  (800) 992-9738


Pleasant Pâtés

Pâté is universally a mixture of cooked ground meat and fat minced into a spreadable paste, but it shows up in different varieties all over the world. French and Belgian pâtés are baked in a crust as pie or loaf, while Finnish and German cooks shape it into a soft, spreadable sausage. Polish chefs lean on fish, venison and ham. Common additions include herbs, spices, and wine — though these wet foods for dogs are obviously alcohol-free.

Lamb Pâté Skin & Coat Formula
Red Barn

Selling Point: High-quality lamb with antioxidant-rich brewer’s yeast and salmon oil to support healthy skin, coat and joints

best for: The Omega-3 Momma, (800) 775-3849

Go! Sensitivity + Shine Trout & Salmon Pâté

Selling Point: Especially for sensitive dogs, the pâté combines freshwater trout and salmon with omega oils and fruits and veggies to promote shiny coats.

best for: Probiotic pet parents, (866) 864-6112

Holistic Select Beef Pâté

Selling Point: Pumpkin, papaya, pomegranate and peppermint for prebiotic support, chicory root extract for digestion and flaxseed for skin, coat and immune health.

best for: Pet parents focused on premium proteins, (800) 225-0904

Rustic Roasts

Roasting uses indirect, diffused heat to bring out the flavors in large, whole pieces of meat. Dry heat is the key ingredient in roasts, surrounding the meat and cooking it evenly on all sides. Caramelization and browning start to surface, adding flavor and intensity to meats and vegetables. Slow and low cooking results in tender meat and tasty treats for dogs in this collection of scrumptious wet dog foods.

Pappy’s PotRoast Dinner

Selling Point: Homestyle chunks of beef, hand-stuffed red jacket potatoes and carrots covered in gravy; free of grain, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives

best for: Sunday-night dinner lovers, (800) 664-7387

Roasted Chicken Drummet Dinner

Selling Point: Chicken drummets are processed with fresh carrots and peas and served in a delectable gravy, so they’re soft and edible.

best for: Gluten-free gurus, (847) 537-0102

Vigor Turkey & Roasted Quail

Selling Point: Nutrient-rich quinoa to promote energy, vitality and healthy digestion; dark greens and berries for an antioxidant boost

best for: Cordon bleu cooks opposed to corn, soy and gluten, (800) 426-4256

This article originally appeared in the March-April 2017 edition of PETS+.

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