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Wild Earth Announces the World’s First Cell-Based Meat Broth Developed for Dogs

The cell-based meat broth topper will debut in 2023.




(PRESS RELEASE) BERKELEY, CA — Wild Earth, the cruelty-free dog food company, announced that it has developed a cell-based meat broth topper for dogs that will be available to consumers in 2023. The cell-based chicken broth, created in the Wild Earth labs in Berkeley, CA, using the company’s proprietary technology, will be the first cell-based meat product to be introduced in the pet food industry.

Since its inception, Wild Earth has been committed to providing a clean protein, superfood-packed, nutritionally complete dog food produced without harming any living creature or planet earth. Cell-based meat is the next step in the company’s mission to transform the pet food industry and reduce the industry’s detrimental impact on the environment.

“Our pets’ environmental paw print accounts for 30% of meat consumed in the US and it doesn’t have to. By replacing factory-farmed products with clean, sustainable, cruelty-free cell-based meat we can tackle the issues of low quality and often contaminated meat used for our pets’ food and transform the sustainability of the entire pet food industry. Cell-based meat is the future of food for us and our pets, and this development marks an important milestone in our mission to disrupt the pet food industry for the better. We walk the walk when it comes to taking steps to reduce the destructive impact the industry has on our pets’ health and on our environment,” said Wild Earth Co-Founder and CEO, Ryan Bethencourt.

Wild Earth saw its growth skyrocket in 2020 after closing a deal with Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban on the show and has since secured a host of big name investors, including actor Paul Wesley.

“Wild Earth has always been on the cutting edge of plant-based pet food and I look forward to seeing their continued growth as they step into the cell-based meat space,” said Mark Cuban.

The cell-based broth topper will join the company’s premium line of high-quality, nutritionally complete, 100% vegan products, developed by a team of vets and animal food scientists, including Complete Protein Dog Food and Superfood Dog Treats.


All new customers who sign up for a Wild Earth Complete Dog Food subscription will receive 50% off their first bag of food. To sign up, simply here. One use per customer.

For more information, visit here.

About Wild Earth

Wild Earth is the cruelty-free dog food company. Wild Earth creates a clean protein, superfood-packed, nutritionally complete dog food that was produced without harming any living creature or planet earth. Animal lovers don’t want to feed their pets any product that involves cruel testing, raising, and slaughtering of animals which creates nearly as many harmful emissions as the global energy sector. Whether it’s a single beating heart of an animal or the collective hearts of all of humanity, Wild Earth’s heart-aware ethos is uncompromising when it comes to the health of our pets, all living creatures, and our planet.



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