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A Pup Above Expands Midwest Distribution with Frontier Distributing

Frontier will begin distributing the new gently cooked line with bone broth in April 2022.




(PRESS RELEASE) AUSTIN, TX– A Pup Above, the super-premium gently cooked pet food, strengthens its rapid growth in the Midwest having reached an agreement with Frontier Distributing who services the markets of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Kentuck. Frontier Distributing will begin distributing A Pup Above’s new gently cooked line with bone broth in April 2022.

“Frontier Distributing is excited about expanding our portfolio of high-quality products with A Pup Above! The gently cooked pet food category is experiencing exciting growth and our expansion allows us to further connect a trusted brand with committed retailers who share our belief that pets are part of the family. During a recent call with Javier, I learned more about A Pup Above’s whole food ingredients and their sous-vide precision cooking technique that makes their products uniquely healthy for our family of pets while naturally good for the planet. We are proud to add A Pup Above’s premium products to our portfolio and to have it available to our customers,” says Anil Ganga, director of sales & marketing, Frontier Distributing .

“A Pup Above is very excited to expand its distribution in the Midwest with Frontier Distributing. Their commitment to providing the highest level of service and quality of products is unparalleled and their values of hard work, respect, and amazing service makes them the perfect partner for us,” says A Pup Above Co-Founder and President Javier Marriott.

In 2021, A Pup Above expanded to over 1,000 new pet stores across the country, including major chains Hollywood Feed, Healthy Spot, Mud Bay, Pet Supplies Plus, Pet People, and Tomlinson’s, among others. By the end of 2022, A Pup Above expects to be in 3,000 stores across the United States.

“We are proud to support and partner exclusively with the neighborhood pet channel to grow the gently cooked category. With the release of our new revamped recipes with bone broth, we are expecting to see increased excitement and growth. Bone broth is an amazing superfood, packed with collagen and amino acids to nourish your pups,” says Javier.




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