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You Gotta Stand Out from the Crowd

Remember, cool = different.




REMEMBER: Cool = different.

Here are a few things our judges will likely value:

  • An eye-catching aesthetic, both inside and out.
  • One striking element.
  • New twists on how to sell pet products and services. How did you pivot and grow during the pandemic? What changes are now part of your new normal?
  • Consistently stepped-up customer service. And what’s most cool is not individual stories of over-the-top customer service, but rather when a business builds a better approach to service right into their system, every day.
  • Interesting event ideas. We love both slightly out-of-the ordinary in-store events and other marketing efforts that draw attention. Feel free to mention pre-pandemic events, but showing how you continued to build community with your customers during 2020 will impress them more.

Now, by no means were these the sole defining factors in success in the contest. Nor does this mean your business needs to have all features like these to win — indeed, by definition, we’d like to see something different. But these unusual and engaging ideas should give you an idea of what really turns our cranks.


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