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AnimalBiome Launches Fish Bits, Sustainable Pro-Microbiome Pet Food Topper at SuperZoo

This single-ingredient food topper is made from sustainably sourced armored catfish, an invasive species devastating North American freshwater ecosystems.




(PRESS RELEASE) OAKLAND, CA — AnimalBiome, a leader in microbiome medicine for companion animals, announces the launches of its newest product, Fish Bits. This single-ingredient food topper is made from sustainably-sourced armored catfish, an invasive species devastating North American freshwater ecosystems.

Debuting at SuperZoo 2023, Fish Bits offers pet parents a tasty and high-quality protein supplement for their cats and dogs. “About 60% of cats and dogs in the US are overweight or obese. Research shows that feeding more protein and a smaller proportion of carbohydrates better supports a healthy body condition and may improve gut health,” comments Holly Ganz, PhD, AnimalBiome’s chief science officer. She adds, “Fish Bits offers an easy way for pet parents to increase their pet’s protein by supplementing the nutritionally balanced diet that they are already feeding. This can also benefit senior pets who, like people, require more protein as they age.”

Fish Bits is one of the most sustainable protein sources available on the market. AnimalBiome is connected with a community of small-scale fishermen through their relationship with PezzyPets, who sustainably remove invasive armored catfish from local freshwater ecosystems. This in turn supports the livelihoods of fishing communities, protects vulnerable fish species from overfishing, and relieves stress on the local ecosystem.

AnimalBiome’s Fish Bits is far more than just a food topper. It can be added as an ingredient in homemade pet treats or used as a base for a tasty broth, for example. Tested for heavy metals and free of any additives, Fish Bits is safe and effective for nearly any pet. It is currently available in 3 oz and 8 oz 100% compostable pouches at

We urge you to come to Booth 4266 to see it for yourself. For interviews or a booth tour of all of the company’s products, please contact Mary Tan at the above information.

About AnimalBiome

AnimalBiome is the world’s leading pet microbiome research company with award-winning innovative solutions such as the first-ever at-home gut microbiome test for cats and dogs. AnimalBiome has compiled a comprehensive dataset of over 45,000 microbiome test results from cats and dogs. This robust resource provides a reliable reference for veterinarians and pet parents, offering comparative insights into the gut health of companion animals. AnimalBiome has completed more than 40 studies with universities, pet food companies, and private research organizations since its inception in 2016. Visit to learn more.




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