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Bonne et Filou Introduces Luxury Collections of Toys, Treats and Clothing for Dogs

New advent calendar, plush toys, and jackets for dogs are perfect for holiday gift giving.




(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK – Just in time for holiday gifting, Bonne et Filou, the 1st French-inspired luxury brand for pets, is introducing its new Advent calendar for dogs, plush macarons and wine bottle toys, and a new line of seasonal jackets. The new additions to the Bonne et Filou line of luxury pet products are the perfect gifts for any pampered pup and the people who pamper them.

The new Advent Calendar for dogs is a beautifully illustrated luxury advent calendar featuring 24 dog treats including 4 macarons, 12 bone treats, and 8 truffles for a fun, and tasty countdown to the holidays. MSRP of $69.99.

Bonne et Filou’s new plush macarons are durable, well-designed colorful plush toys that will keep pups entertained with their built-in squeaker. The ultra-soft plush fabric is perfect for snuggling after play. Available in sets of 3 (MSRP $13.99) or 6 (MSRP $18.99).


Also new additions to the Bonne et Filou plush toy collection and perfect for wine and champagne lovers (and their dogs!) are a Bark’gundy red whine bottle, Dog Pérignon Champagne bottle, and Woof Clicquot Rose Champagne Bottle, that are available in small (MSRP $13.99) and large (MSRP $23.99) sizes.

Pairing perfectly with the new plush macarons, are Bonne et Filou signature macaron treats that have been designated by Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan as one of the best gifts for dogs and their owners. Made with three all-natural, human grade ingredients – oat flour, honey, and coconut oil, plus an all-natural yogurt filling in a variety of 12 flavors, Bonne et Filou’s macarons have no artificial preservatives or colors and are free of wheat and corn. What’s more, they are endorsed by veterinarians as a healthy and delicious treat for dogs. Available in boxes of 3 (MSRP $13.99), 6 (MSRP $23.99), and a combination gift pack of 3 boxes (MSRP $69.99).

Bonne et Filou has also recently introduced an eco-friendly, sustainable line of jackets that are made in the Ukraine. Designed to make our planet cleaner, the new jackets are made from over 80% recycled materials including plastic and fishing nets. The new lightweight jackets are universal for all seasons. Features include zip protection to prevent pups’ hair from getting stuck, a reflective zip for safe walks, and durable waterproof and windproof material. Available in red, gray, purple, turquoise, and orange from size XS to XL. MSRP $59.99.

Other gift ideas in the Bonne et Filou line include Luxury genuine shearling fur grips & rope leashes of exceptional quality and available in a variety of colors (MSRP $189); Swarovski rhinestone bandanas (MSRP $79.99 to $99.99); and a collection of beautiful jackets and dresses for the best dressed pup princes and princesses (MSRP $149 to $299).


The new holiday 2022 collection, as well as the other gift items in the Bonne et Filou line are available for purchase on the Bonne et Filou website, Amazon, and at major retailers throughout the country.

About Bonne et Filou

The first French-inspired luxury brand for pets, and based on the belief that all dogs are royalty, Bonne et Filou is named after the beloved dogs of King Louis XIV, Bonne and Filou. The brand features high quality plush toys, treats, clothing, and accessories for dogs. Delicious, all-natural macaron treats are the signature product in the Bonne et Filou collection. Matching plush macaron toys, wine bottle plush toys, and eco-friendly, sustainable jackets for dogs have recently been introduced. Manufactured with the highest quality materials and all-natural ingredients, Bonne et Filou plush toys, treats, clothing, and accessories are Parisian-inspired and provide the perfect way for pet parents to spoil their pups. For more information, please visit



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