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Bow Wow Labs Favorite Bully Stick’s Buddy Is Now Bow Wow Buddy

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(PRESS RELEASE)NEW YORK — Bow Wow Labs, an innovator of the pet care industry, is happy to re-introduce you to the Bow Wow Buddy! Formerly The Bully Buddy, The Bow Wow Buddy not only holds bully sticks securely – they’re also perfect for Bow Wow Labs’ new holistic chew sticks launching in Fall 2022 and its new collagen sticks launching Summer 2022.

The Bow Wow Buddy design is better than ever and has been thoroughly tested on dogs of all sizes. It features a bone shape and patented screw twist technology to keep the bully stick securely in place no matter your pup’s chew strength. The Bow Wow Buddy is the number one safety device in the world today for holding bully sticks, keeping them secure so your dog doesn’t choke on that last inch—while enjoying their favorite treat. The Bully Buddy is changing its name to Bow Wow Buddy because the Bow Wow Labs team has developed a whole family of great long-term chews that will also fit in the Buddy. Bow Wow Buddy might be a new name, but it’s the same great product that will keep your dog safe whether you’re using it to hold their old favorites or the new, delicious, beneficial sticks.

The perfect companion to the Bow Wow Buddy is Bow Wow Labs’ Safe Fit Bully Sticks. Safe Fit Bully Sticks come from grass-fed cattle and are free of hormones and free of all chemicals. Safe Fit Bully Sticks are also low in fat and high in protein, making them a healthier, longer-term chew. Bow Wow Labs’ Safe Fit Bully Sticks can be purchased alone or in a Bow Wow Buddy starter kit.

Bully sticks are a delicious and fun snack for dogs – they even can aid in keeping their dental health in check by the chewing action! However, the tail end of a bully stick that a dog can no longer keep secure by holding with their paws is one of the top choking hazards for a dog.

“The safest way to deliver bully sticks—a dog’s favorite long-term chew—is to use a safety device,” states Johnna Devereaux C.P.N “The Bow Wow Buddy securely holds a bully stick, allowing them to enjoy all the benefits of long-term chewing, without the hazard of swallowing that last end.”

The Bow Wow Buddy is made from a hard, Nylon material. It has been tested for lead and BPA and is free of both. It is meant to be durable and strong to keep your pup safe while they enjoy their favorite treat.


You can purchase the Bow Wow Buddy alone or in packages with Bow Wow Labs’ Safe Fit Bully Sticks here.

Retailers can find out how to carry the Bow Wow Buddy and Safe Fit Bully Sticks here.

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