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Campfire Treats Puts Animal Welfare First by Adding Certified Humane Dog Treats

The company further expands its range of farm animal welfare-certified products.




(PRESS RELEASE) ROCKLIN, CA — All-natural dog treat manufacturer Campfire Treats is further expanding its range of farm animal welfare-certified products by also introducing Certified Humane dog treats.

Campfire Treat’s new product line will initially consist of 15 different Certified Humane dog treats and chews, including single-ingredient beef jerky and Hearty Bites training treats, both available for purchase now. Additional farm animal welfare-certified products will be launched throughout the year.

Consumers are demanding better quality of life for farm animals. Three out of four Americans are concerned about how animals raised for food are treated. Nearly 90% of pet food shoppers are willing to switch to brands with higher welfare standards for the animal-derived ingredients that go into their products.

“With this addition of Certified Humane products, we are proud to offer our animal-loving customers in total over 20 welfare-certified dog treats and chews – one of the largest selections in the country” says Marko Wittich, President & Co-Founder of Campfire Treats.

The Certified Humane Raised and Handled logo assures consumers that all meat-based ingredients in a product come from producers that meet precise, objective standards for farm animal treatment. These standards include that animals are never kept in cages, crates, or tie stalls. Animals also must be able to express their natural behavior. For example, chickens must be able to flap their wings and dust bathe. Pigs must have ample space to root around.

“Shoppers are demanding higher welfare standards from the food they buy — even for their pets,” says Certified Humane Executive Director Mimi Stein. “We were happy to work with Campfire Treats to make sure their products come from farms and ranches that prioritize responsible animal practices, backed by the scientific community.”


Proving the stringency of the standards required to earn the Certified Humane label, it is one of the very few farm animal welfare certification programs considered meaningful by leading animal welfare groups like Compassion in World Farming and the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), through its Shop With Your Heart program.

“We applaud Campfire Treats’ continued commitment to farm animal welfare that gives pet owners welfare-certified alternatives aligned with their compassion for animals,” says Nancy Roulston, Senior Director of Corporate Policy & Animal Scientist, ASPCA Farm Animal Welfare. “Like most of the meat, eggs, and dairy consumed by people, almost all pet food is made from animals who spent their lives confined in inhumane conditions on factory farms despite widespread public concern. Incorporating the Certified Humane standards into Campfire Treats’ product offering means shoppers have even more options sourced from higher-welfare farms and ranches.”

“Certified Humane is one of the best indicators of a higher welfare animal product. Compassion in World Farming applauds Campfire Treats for obtaining this certification, proving its dedication to building a transparent and more humane food system. Through this achievement, we hope other pet food companies will follow Campfire Treats’ leadership in creating a more humane food system for all animals,” says Anna Sostarecz, U.S. Food Business Manager for Compassion in World Farming.

“Unfortunately, pet food packaging is often plastered with meaningless claims and images of happy farm animals aiming to ‘humane wash’ products which are in reality made from conventional (not animal welfare-certified) proteins. We therefore recommend our customers to always look for credible third-party certifications, such as Certified Humane or Global Animal Partnership (G.A.P.), when shopping for food and treats for their four-legged family members,” explains Marko Wittich, President & Co-Founder of Campfire Treats.

About Campfire Treats

Located in Rocklin, California, Campfire Treats offers one of the largest selections of all-natural, single-ingredient dog treats and chews made on the West Coast. Committed to the highest quality standards, the company consciously sources all ingredients from U.S. farms and fisheries and uses no additives or preservatives in their products.
Campfire Treats is recognized for its industry-leading ethical sourcing practices and sustainability commitments and is certified by leading animal welfare and sustainability organizations like Certified Humane, the Global Animal Partnership, the Marine Stewardship Council and rePurpose Global. Campfire Treats was also the first company in the world to reach full compliance with the Better Chicken Commitment, a global campaign to improve the welfare of the billions of chickens raised for meat. For more information and available products for purchase visit You can also find Campfire Treats on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

About Certified Humane

Certified Humane is an animal welfare and certification program managed by Humane Farm Animal Care, a registered 501(c) 3 nonprofit certification organization headquartered in the Metropolitan Washington DC area and dedicated to improving the lives of farm animals in food production. Certified Humane inspects, certifies, and labels meat, poultry, egg and dairy products from animals raised to Humane Farm Animal Care Standards.
When you see the Certified Humane Raised & Handled logo on a product, you can be assured that the food products have come from operations that meet precise, scientific standards for farm animal treatment. Learn more at




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