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CANOPHERA Announces New Addition to Leadership Team

It is now adding Rob Johnson as president.




Sebastian Klafka, Benjamin Lemm and Rob Johnson Sebastian Klafka, Benjamin Lemm and Rob Johnson

(PRESS RELEASE) NEW BERN, NC – “The Original” natural wood dog chews, CANOPHERA has quickly become the world’s leading producer and distributor of the “original” all-natural wood dog chews and is now adding Rob Johnson as president of CANOPHERA LLC with a U.S. headquarters of New Bern, NC.

Joining the co-founders of CANOPHERA GmbH and best friend duo Sebastian Klafka and Benjamin Lemm, Rob will drive growth for pet retailers across North America in his role as president.

With an unwavering dedication to sustainability and pet health, CANOPHERA’s dynamic executive team has proudly partnered with a growing number of independent pet retailers across the U.S.

From its initial launch in 2012, CANOPHERA went from a small company to Europe’s leading producer and distributor of natural wood dog chews and now supplies these favorite wood chews to almost 20 countries in Europe.

Now with over a million products sold, CANOPHERA’s executive team has continued that momentum and success for the United States and Canada.

“The Original” all-natural wood CANOPHERA Chew Sticks are made from caffeine-free coffee wood, which is a natural byproduct during coffee production, so no tree is uprooted or cut down for production. Made from the best materials mother nature has to offer, CANOPHERA’s sticks are particularly resilient and less likely to splinter, and are 100% vegan and free from any harmful additives.


“We are proud to have earned the trust of leading retailers through our unwavering commitment to transparency, sustainable sourcing practices and solutions that help pets live their best lives,” states Rob Johnson, president of CANOPHERA LLC. “The minute you become our partner, you become part of our growth. You will experience first-hand the values CANOPHERA lives up to and start writing your own success story. We are overjoyed at how our products and team will drive revenue and growth for our retailer and distribution partners across the USA and around the world.”

Sebastian Klafka, co-founder of CANOPHERA shares, “It is our deep love for dogs, that drove us to understand their behavior and look to satisfy their basic needs naturally. It is that love and commitment and our commitment to sustainability that has fueled our growth in the United States and we are thrilled to add Rob Johnson’s proven leadership to our executive team.”


Combining our deep love for the planet and for dogs and learning to better understand their unique behaviors, we set out to satisfy their basic needs through creating a more sustainable, natural and safer line of wood chew products for dogs: CANOPHERA. What started as a small-scale company in 2012 soon grew into Europe’s leading producer and distributor of natural dog chews. Together with our sales partners, we supply to nearly 20 countries in Europe and are now expanding all over the USA with new products, display/POP, and more. With over a million products sold since 2018, we seek to improve dogs’ lives everywhere and drive revenue for our retailer and distributor partners.




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