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Canophera Launches New Coffee+Coco Dog Chews

Made of sustainably sourced coffee wood and coconut rope, the chews are ready to ship to independent pet retailers and distributors across North America.





(PRESS RELEASE) NEW BERN, NC – Canophera, the world’s leading producer and distributor of natural wood dog chews with a mission dedicated to sustainability and pet health, is thrilled to announce that it’s newly launched, high quality and upcycled Canophera COFFEE+COCO Chews made of Coffee Wood and Coconut Rope. They are available now and ready to ship to independent pet retailers and distributors across North America.

Launched at SuperZoo 2023, retailers are going crazy for Canophera’s new COFFEE+COCO chews, made of Coffee Wood and 100% digestible Coconut Rope. Combining Canophera’s best-selling, caffeine-free coffee wood with all-natural and totally digestible coconut fibers offers dogs exciting chewing pleasure and gives retailers a great product that will keep their customers having fun and coming back for more. All COFFEE+COCO products are vegan, sustainably sourced, free from artificial ingredients, and support your dog’s dental hygiene.

Made from the best materials nature has to offer, Canophera’s COFFEE+COCO Chews are the perfect combination of the caffeine-free coffee wood, an ideal resource for a dog chew toy since it is a lot harder than other wood, and coconut fibers, which are shorter than other rope fibers and can be digested easily.

To offer the fitting chew for dogs of each breed, our new chews are available in four different sizes, from S to XL.

Benefits Include:

  • Strengthens and cleans teeth: Offering a special structure and the combination of coffee wood and coconut rope, COFFEE+COCO can help prevent plaque and help to maintain dental health as a dog chew and natural toothbrush in one.
  • 100% all-natural and perfect way to relieve stress: Chewing is a natural way for dogs to calm their nerves and relax. When chewing, hormones like dopamine and serotonin – responsible for fun and happiness – are released.
  • Exciting chewing pleasure for your dog: The combination of the two natural materials offers your dog an exciting chewing experience for long hours.
  • No artificial ingredients or additives and zero calories: COFFEE+COCO Chews only contain coffee tree wood and coconut rope, without anything artificial, fat, or calories – to suit all dogs, even with allergies, making it a healthy alternative to other dog toys.

Canophera’s co-founders Sebastian Klafka and Benjamin Lemm were inspired to launch the company in 2012 based on their deep love for dogs with an unwavering dedication to sustainability and pet health. Since the initial launch, Canophera went from a small start up to a global leader of natural wood dog chews, today supplying these favorite wood chews to more than 23 countries worldwide and now independent retailers across the USA and North America under leadership from Rob Johnson, President of Canophera, LLC.


For more information on Canophera and how it will drive revenue for your business, or to place an order for products or our beautiful display for your store, please visit, or email

About Canophera

Combining our deep love for the planet and for dogs and learning to better understand their unique behaviors, we set out to satisfy their basic needs through creating a more sustainable, natural and safer line of wood chew products for dogs: Canophera. From a small-scale company in 2012, we soon grew into the world’s leading producer and most renowned distributor of “The Original” natural dog chews made of coffee wood. Together with our sales partners, we supply to more than 20 countries worldwide and are now expanding all over the USA with new products, display/POP, and more. With over three million products sold since 2018, we seek to improve dogs’ lives everywhere and drive revenue for our retailer and distributor partners.



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