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UPS driver Sean McCarren started his Facebook page in 2013 with modest ambitions: He wanted to share a collection of photos of the dogs he encountered while making his way around Hagerstown, MD.

Today, the page, called UPS Dogs, is a viral powerhouse with 1.6 million fans, Fox Business reports. McCarren has expanded to Instagram, where he has nearly 600,000 followers, and to Twitter, where he has 18,000 followers.

UPS drivers all over the country now share photos of dogs they meet on their routes. McCarren and colleague Donna Whitaker, with whom he runs the accounts, schedule posts months in advance.

“I just thought that it was a cool idea,” McCarren was quoted saying. “I didn’t think that it was going to hit as hard as it did.”

McCarren hopes at some point to start selling branded merchandise based on the accounts, donating a portion of the revenue to animal shelters, according to Fox Business. But it’s not yet clear whether UPS will go for the idea.

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