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Fetch My Pet App Evolves the Personalized Pet Parent Mobile Experience




(PRESS RELEASE) SAN JOSE, CA – Fetch Labs, Inc., creators of the Fetch My Pet iPhone app, launched its newest feature called Discover, a curated content engine for all things pets. Discover is the next step in the evolution of Fetch Labs, which was named a 2017 Pet Care Innovation Finalist by Nestle Purina.

Pet ownership is increasing drastically in the U.S. and beyond. According to the 2017-2019 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, some 68% of all households, nearly 90 million people, own pets. Despite this growing segment, major pet brands offered fragmented communication and engagement with their customers at best. The Fetch My Pet app is filling in the gaps by leveraging pet data and information to provide curated, personalized insights that make pet life management easier.

Fetch My Pet users have access to a personalized hub including exclusive deals on products, services, and geolocation based activities. With the release of the new Discover feature, users now have access to themed insights created to spark their imagination and make the pet parent experience more interactive and engaging. As Fetch Labs’ network of partners and users continues to grow, content via Discover will become more personalized and robust.

“As we charge ahead toward our mission of becoming the go-to resource and community for pet parents, Discover is the next step in our journey,” said Greg Tariff, CEO and Co-Founder of Fetch Labs, Inc. “The pet tech landscape is evolving drastically, as a wide variety of pet brands, from Nestle Purina and Mars Petcare, to Bark & Co, work to engage pet parents. Discover gives pet parents an engaging experience with what they want: new and fun things they can do with their furry friends, and information on topics pertinent to keeping their pets healthy and active.”

Discover will provide new themes, ranging from “Popular Vacation Spots for You and Your Pet” to “DIY Pet Treat Recipes,” multiple times per week. The information is sourced by the Fetch Labs, Inc. team of dogs and cats (as well as humans and smart technology) and surfaced in an easily digestible format. Fetch My Pet users can keep tabs on what’s new and exciting, learn about and discover new pet brands and infuse fun and creativity into the everyday management of their pet’s life.

Fetch My Pet is available for iOS users via the app store. Learn more about Fetch My Pet and its new Discover feature by visiting 




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