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Friendly Option to Traditional Prong Collars

This gentle collar is the perfect solution for consumers who want a quick and easy way to train their dogs.




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(PRESS RELEASE) ALLIANCE, OH — Recent research from the American Academy of Neurology and University of Saskatchewan show conclusively that dogs are medicinal, slowing down cognitive decline in older adults (former) and reducing pain in post-surgery patients (latter). Prior research has shown that dog owners benefit as well, often living longer and with less depression.

As any dog owner knows, the daily frustration of fighting with their dog can erode some of the health benefits of owning a pet.

The Natural Control Training Collar is designed to mimic the natural correction techniques used by mother dogs, so their dog will quickly learn that pulling is not okay. This gentle collar is the perfect solution for consumers who want a quick and easy way to train their dogs.

“The Natural Control Training Collar is a friendly option to traditional prong collars. It is lightweight and fully adjustable as well as easy to use and stops pulling,” said Kim Stout, President of Coastal Pet Products.

The collar’s rounded teeth gently pinch the dog’s neck when it pulls, like to how a mother dog would correct her puppy for unwanted behavior. This familiar sensation quickly teaches dogs that pulling only brings discomfort, not control.

The Natural Control Training Collar is easily adjustable to fit many sized dogs. The rounded prongs are gentler than spikes and give a collar a more approachable appearance.


Retailers can contact Coastal Pet Products for more information. MSRP is $14.99 and the colors come in three colors: red, blue and grey.

About Coastal Pet

Coastal has over fifty years of product innovation and category management, holding more than 30 patents. Coastal’s product development is driven, not only by our market expertise, but thousands of pet loving consumers. All of this enables us to back our products with our Quality Guarantee. MSRP is $5.49 and patterns include brightly-colored hearts, stars, and triangles.



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