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Guardian Pet Food Company Announces B-Corp Certification

It becomes only the fifth certified pet food B-corp in the world.




(PRESS RELEASE) NEEDHAM, MA – Guardian Pet Food Company, with a mission to provide the most nutrient-dense pet food with the highest digestibility, announced that it has been verified and certified as a B-Corp. With this certification, Guardian Pet Food Company becomes only the fifth certified pet food B-Corp in the world and joins Only Natural Pet as the only other pet food B-Corp certified company in North America.

Founded in 2017, Guardian Pet Food Company decided to challenge everything about the pet food industry and hold the company itself to the highest standards available. What started out as an informal benchmark to B-Corp standards slowly became a major corporate objective, with continuous improvements made over the last three years. After a rigorous “B-Impact” self-assessment, Guardian Pet Food Company applied for certification in February of 2021. A year later, the company reached a B- Impact assessment score of 106.8, with a minimum score of 80 required to become certified.

Jim Galovski, founder and CEO of Guardian Pet Food Company, states, “Since our founding, we have proclaimed that we would put ‘Pets Before Profits.’ This didn’t mean that we were taking an oath of poverty; it meant that we were more interested in providing food, treats and supplements that were highly digestible and nutrient-dense with the cleanest and fewest ingredients possible than we were with maximizing profits with a lessor product.”

From a corporate responsibility perspective, being certified reiterates that Guardian Pet Food Company is dedicated to making a real and measurable impact on social and environmental issues.

By holding themselves accountable to not just shareholders but equally to stakeholders, the business stands behind their belief that “people using business as a force for good” is not only possible, but a fundamental obligation.

Galovski continues, “The B-Corp certification doubles down on this philosophy and requires accredited businesses to meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, governance, transparency and legal accountability. We consider it our duty to treat our employees, suppliers, and other partners responsibly and ethically. We do not, and will not, underpay any of our stakeholders. We do not, and will not, reduce the quality standards of our products for the sake of profits.”


To learn more about Guardian Pet Food Company’s ongoing efforts and achievements against our “Designed to Give” Impact Business Model and see their public profile on the B-Corp website, click here.

About Guardian Pet Foods

Guardian Pet Food Company, Inc. is a different kind of pet food company. Headquartered in Needham, MA, Guardian is a certified B-Corp that puts pets before profits. Guardian works every day to realize its mission to help your pet live their best life. Guardian’s brands include Dog Almighty and NOBL®. For more information, visit



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