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Healers Petcare to Launch Three New Products at Global Pet Expo

The FDA-approved products contain Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl).




(PRESS RELEASE) VANCOUVER, WA — Healers PetCare announces three new products at Global Pet Expo this March. Healers has created a new line of products applying HOCl technology. The FDA-approved products contain Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl). A natural compound produced in the body, the non-stinging, non-toxic solutions are safe for use around the eyes, nose, mouth and ears. The solutions act as a detoxifying and healing agent to relieve the body of harmful toxins that can cause skin cell deterioration.

“At Healers, we are constantly looking for long-term solutions to pet health,” said Terri Entler, founder of Healers PetCare. “Our new solutions are all natural, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial agents that can speed up the healing of wounds, rash, abrasions, and chronic skin conditions, while repairing cell damage. They are ideal for animals of any species and so safe you could drink it. “

Entler founded the company in 2011 to provide top-quality pet health and safety products. Healers began with a line of medical booties to protect injured paws during healing, and has since grown to encompass everything from paw protection to wound care and supplements. All of Healers products are made with high quality materials and ingredients.

The company is focused toward OTC holistic wellness through all-natural products created with partners that truly care about helping pet owners keep their four-legged family members healthy.

These products will help address many common preventative and treatment needs, which is critical these days with a shortage of veterinarians and the high cost of care. “Offering simple, healthy, over the counter solutions (OTC) to common health issues are what Healers is all about,” Entler said.

“Pet allergies, skin issues, and open wounds are all major problems pet parents face,” she explained. “Our solutions work together synergistically to not only aid the healing process, but also add preventative and long-term solutions to those problems. It made sense to package them as combos that provide total solutions and save the customers money. “


Healers will offer three new products at the show.

  • Skin and Coat Grooming Solution: Healers Skin and Coat Grooming Solution is a gentle, soothing, and moisturizing spray that aids in the reduction of dry, flaky, itchy or inflamed skin, neutralizes odors and leaves the coat soft and shiny.
  • Wound Cleanser: Helps to heal open wounds, punctures, and lacerations. Formulated so that it is non-irritating and non-stinging to avoid obsessive licking. It is a natural antiseptic that speeds up the healing process. Our solution promotes new tissue growth, reduces inflammation, and has natural antimicrobial properties in a fast-acting, alcohol- free formula that rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin.
  • Eye and Ear Wash: is a soothing healing solution to wash away eye and ear pollutants.

The two-in-one chemical-free, non-irritating, non-stinging, gentle solution cleans away irritants, soothes inflammation, promotes the healing of tissues for both the eyes and ears, and aids in getting rid of the tear-stain some pets experience.

“Our clients save money on solutions that truly help their pets maintain optimal health and solves irritating skin issues.” Entler explained. “We want them to have access to solutions that will help treat their pets’ entire conditions, not just one element. We also want them to be able to prevent common injuries and treat chronic ailments whenever possible.”

Healers PetCare recently announced a new and exciting partnership with Digital Ally and its subsidiary company, Shield HPP, to bring these three new pet health products to consumers. Healers is expanding its pet health line to include these products that are made from science-backed technology and termed “Magic in A Bottle.”

Healers PetCare is proud to not only offer customers natural and sustainable products, we are also TR{1}BE Certified. A portion of the sale of every product goes toward protecting the rainforest and reducing our carbon footprint.




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