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Hounds Town USA Opens New Location in Cincinnati

The dog day care and boarding concept spreads its paws in Ohio.




(PRESS RELEASE) CINCINNATI, OH – Pets throughout Cincinnati will have their tails wagging with excitement as a new pet care experience comes to town.

Hounds Town USA, the daycare and boarding concept where everything they do is for the dogs, announced the opening of its newest location in Cincinnati. The new location can be visited at 4327 Red Bank Road. This Hounds Town facility will be owned and operated by Bhanu Peddi and Rukmani Vijayakumar and is conveniently situated near the downtown area.

“We both met at Siemens Digital Industries and quickly discovered that we both shared a love for animals,” said Bhanu Peddi. “When we got our first pup, Cece, we were looking to place her in a reliable daycare while we were at work. We quickly realized that there was a need in our community for an interactive facility that provided proper exercise and socialization for those in their care. After discovering Hounds Town, we felt that our surrounding communities – and furry friends – could greatly benefit from a committed and devoted service such as this.”

Through the combination of Bhanu’s project managing experience and Rukmani’s customer-facing attitude, both are well equipped to tackle the daily operations of the facility as well as keep people and their pets happy. For the first five months, connecting with the community will be essential for Bhanu and Rukmani, as they want to form a relationship with their customers. Both are members of the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce and plan to further elevate their giveback efforts by making their Hounds Town location a part of that same organization.

“I am thrilled that Bhanu and Rukmani are introducing Hounds Town to this brand new market for us, bringing our unique dog management philosophy to the Cincinnati community to offer much-needed services to dogs and their owners. We do it for the dogs!” says Hounds Town CEO Jackie Bondanza.


Hounds Town USA is a cutting-edge pet care concept, with services that include interactive dog daycare, luxury boarding, and stress-free spa services. Supervised by a well-trained staff, dogs can play all-day, providing both physical and mental stimulation with a group of other dogs that match their size and temperament for safe and fun socialization— guaranteeing a Hounds Town Hangover when pets go home. Further setting itself apart, Hounds Town USA has a no breed discrimination policy, making it easier for pet owners to find reliable care. For feline lovers, Hounds Town USA offers specially designed, cat condos for overnight boarding as well.

About Hounds Town USA

Founded in 2000 by former NYPD canine handler and commanding officer of the Nassau County Police Department, Michael S. Gould, Hounds Town USA offers a unique and fun approach to doggy daycare and pet boarding. The brand emphasizes a safe and welcoming environment for all dogs, no matter their size, breed, age or disability. The fully interactive daycare facility is designed to meet each dog’s physical, social and psychological needs through a natural pack environment. The all-day play daycare model leaves each canine companion tired and happy, resulting in what has been coined “Hounds Town hangover.” Hounds Town also offers stress-free, affordable spa services, ensuring pet parents have the option to bring home a clean and refreshed pet. Select locations are also proud to offer a Pet Taxi service, ensuring dogs have reliable transportation to and from daycare. Currently, the brand has nearly 50 locations open across the country, with about 15 more openings projected in 2023. For more information on Hounds Town USA, visit:

For information on franchising with Hounds Town USA, visit:



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