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Innovet Pet Introduces CBD Balm

Product seeks to eliminate common issues that plague CBD topicals.




(PRESS RELEASE) Innovet Pet is expanding its hemp CBD line with heal.protect.wag Balm, a multifaceted topical approach to helping pets with everything from mild issues like dry skin to chronic conditions such as degenerative joint disease.

Innovet has focused on taking the time to put together a balm that solved the issues both they and their customers frequently saw in other CBD topicals.

Heal.protect.wag. Balm focuses on giving customers:

  • A no-mess consistency that absorbs quick delivering fast-acting relief.
  • A multi-ingredient balm that’s safe for pets to lick and will still offer the same benefits.
  • Non-oral application to give finicky pets the numerous benefits associated with hemp CBD oil.
  • 14 research-backed ingredients that all target inflammation in some manner, giving customers a CBD topical that helps target the source of everything from allergies to nociceptive pain.
  • Direct application to alleviate discomfort in specific parts of the body.

Innovet Pet is guided by four principles: most affordable cost without jeopardizing quality, open and direct communication with customers through social media groups, providing 100% transparency and lab-tested results right on the products and website, and offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.




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