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Mella Pet Care Opens Submissions for Innovative Telehealth Partnerships

It aims to better fend off preventable illnesses and diseases.




(PRESS RELEASE) CHICAGO, IL — Mella Pet Care is inviting veterinary telehealth companies to partner with and help pet parents and veterinarians share and access vital sign data. By integrating its at-home monitoring tools with telehealth platforms, Mella aims to better fend off preventable illnesses and diseases.

In 2021, Mella released the Mella Pro, the first-ever pet thermometer to measure temperature accurately under the foreleg — now in use at some 1,000 veterinary clinics. The Mella Home thermometer, named a Fear Free Preferred Product, shipped to pet parents earlier this year.”

Telehealth platforms can make critical diagnoses possible and improve important conversations between pet parents and veterinarians. With Mella’s line of products for the home, all pet parents can be empowered with medical-grade connected devices for the first time.

“We believe the future of pet care means preventing disease long before an emergency trip to the vet,” said Anya Babbitt, co-founder and CEO of Mella Pet Care. “By bringing health data right into the homes of pet parents, we’re making that a reality.”

Pet parents with health monitoring devices are more engaged telehealth users. By creating access to temperature, weight, and other vital signs, Mella is an activating and motivating factor for telehealth activity. For telehealth companies, the data can elevate an experience and market opportunities include more engagement with veterinarians, expanding beyond the Mella Thermometer to other remote monitoring solutions, and integrating with other in-home services like mobile veterinarians, groomers, and dog walkers.

After a successful submission, telehealth partners will suggest the use of the Mella Thermometer, Biggie scale, and future Mella products directly to users, both veterinarians and pet parents. They’ll also implement the Mella SDK within their telehealth platform to streamline the gathering of vital signs before, during, and after a telemedicine provider visit.


Mella Pet Care will give pet parents reliable health and wellness devices and an easy way to integrate through device SDKs that can connect our products directly within telehealth apps — no additional customer signup or data sharing needed.

Telehealth companies who want to collaborate with Mella to connect vets and parents to in-home pet health data are encouraged to fill out this quick form and should expect a deeper dive into technical integration, business partnerships, and more.

Mella PR Kit is viewable here, which includes more company information and past releases.

About Mella Pet Care

Mella Pet Care, a Chicago-based startup, is building the future of pet care with an ecosystem of health monitoring solutions for veterinarians and pet parents, including the first-ever accurate axillary thermometer, a body fat analyzer, a chip reader, pulse ox, and more. Preventative tools are now accessible, allowing pets to live longer, happier lives. Mella has won 14 industry awards including the 2021 Purina Pet Care Innovation Prize and Mars’ 2022 Leap Venture Studio accelerator. Mella is accepting orders for both Mella Pro and Home Thermometers on their website.



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