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Natoo Introduces Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Crunchy Biscuits

They feature prebiotics and fiber to support a healthy digestive system, immunity, shiny skin and coat, and long lasting energy.




(PRESS RELEASE) SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL – Natoo, a company specializing in high-quality nutrition for dogs and cats, offers its Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Flavor Crunchy Biscuits to pet parents in the United States.

Produced in the brand’s own ecological facility in sunny Brazil, Natoo’s Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Flavor Crunchy Biscuits feature prebiotics and fiber to support a healthy digestive system, antioxidants for immunity, biotin and zinc for shiny skin and coat, and complex carbohydrates for long lasting energy.

“At Natoo, we’re all about science for the goodness in our pets,” said Fernando Maluf, VP of international sales. “Our Crunchy Biscuits are crafted with wholesome ingredients, like premium quality coconut oil and free range eggs. These cookies combine quality, health and flavor to offer important nutrients so dogs can live their best lives.”

In addition to supporting dental health and breath, the Crunchy Biscuits are rich in Omega 6 to support a strong immune system. Plus, they’re free of GMO ingredients. Though perfect for small dogs, these tasty snacks can be enjoyed by dogs of all sizes.

Natoo’s Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Flavor Crunchy Biscuits are available at independent retailers and come in 8-ounce bags for a suggested retail price of $9.99.

To learn more about Natoo and their all-natural products, please visit or contact

About PremieRpet

PremieRpet was the first company to produce super premium pet food in Brazil and pioneered the concept of indoor and breed-specific formulas. Natoo was developed for pet parents within the US market seeking a more natural diet for their dogs and cats. With DNA that’s rooted in innovation, they’re focused on delivering high-quality nutrition so that pets can live longer, happier lives. Their products are prepared with the finest ingredients that are carefully selected and follow strict quality standards.

Natoo practices sustainability daily in their production and supply chains. The brand is also focused on conscious consumption at all levels of activity and always prioritizes animal welfare. For more information, please visit



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