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PawLove All-Natural Chews And Treats Now Available Nationwide At Walmart

Made using all-natural, 100%-digestible ingredients, PawLove’s top quality chews can now be purchased at all 1,650 Walmart stores nationwide.




(PRESS RELEASE) RICHMOND, VA – PawLove treats, a division of TDBBS in Richmond, VA, a leader in the production of high-end, all-natural dog chews and treats, is proud to announce that its top-selling chews and treats are now available for purchase at all 1,650 Walmart stores across the country.

“At PawLove, we believe in spreading love one chew at a time, and our partnership with Walmart exemplifies this commitment to providing mass consumer pet parents with the best all-natural chews and treats on the market,” says Spencer Duncan, PawLove Director of Sales.

“PawLove and Walmart go hand in paw, and we’re confident that their dog-loving shoppers will absolutely adore our treats and chews. Every single product from PawLove is crafted with the utmost care by our team of devoted dog enthusiasts in the heart of Richmond, VA.”

Exciting news awaits dog owners as they browse the aisles of their local Walmart store. Among the new PawLove treats available are:

  • PawLove Gullet Stick (12 ct)
  • PawLove Large Peanut Butter Stuffed Bone (1 ct)
  • PawLove Beef Stick (22 ct)
  • PawLove Yak Cheese (1 ct)
  • PawLove Split Elk Antler (1 ct)

“We are filled with joy and pride to join forces with Walmart,” added Spencer. “We genuinely care about our customers’ furry companions, just like Walmart does. That’s why you can always rely on our chews to provide the highest quality, 100% natural, and easily digestible treats that dogs will simply fall in love with.”

PawLove emerged as a trailblazing brand, introducing a new era of dog chews that are truly extraordinary. Our premium offerings embody the essence of PawLove, crafted with utmost care to provide dogs with the purest delight.


We pride ourselves on creating products that are free from artificial preservatives, additives, and ingredients, ensuring that every furry friend receives the love they deserve. Committed to the well-being of dogs, we have a deep understanding of their needs, and our unwavering dedication is to see them thrive in lives filled with happiness and vitality.

For more information about PawLove and our range of treats, please visit



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