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Pointr Launches PawPass: Driving Recurring Revenue to Independent Dog Groomers

The pet business software provider adds first-of-its-kind client-facing membership program.




(PRESS RELEASE) BOZEMAN, MT — August 15, 2023 — Pointr, the pet business management software designed by pet industry veterans, announced the launch of its PawPass membership program. This offering enables pet grooming and daycare businesses to enhance client satisfaction and loyalty — and open an additional recurring revenue stream — by offering round-the-clock virtual access to an extensive network of licensed veterinarians. With the addition of the PawPass offering, Pointr solidifies its position as the only pet business software that pays you back.

“As a pet business owner, one thing I’ve constantly heard from customers over the years is that they wish there was a way to quickly access and get into contact with a veterinarian in a potential emergency situation—and how much of a relief that would be to them as pet parents,” said Pointr founder and CEO, Josh Allen, a 15-year veteran of the pet services and retail space. “Our pets are like our kids, and we want to get them the care they need as quickly as possible when they are sick or hurt. But we also want to avoid racking up thousands of dollars in emergency vet bills if we can help it, and that’s the premise behind PawPass.”

With PawPass, clients of pet businesses that use the Pointr software platform can log into their membership portal at any time — day or night — and connect with a veterinarian via live chat, usually within one minute or less. Once the vet has confirmed that the client’s pet is present, they initiate a video call and perform an assessment to determine whether emergency care is necessary.

In some cases, clients may be able to wait for an appointment with their regular vet, greatly reducing their out-of-pocket cost.

Other benefits of PawPass membership include priority waitlist status when scheduling an appointment via Pointr, a standing discount on in-store retail items purchased through Pointr POS and exclusive online discounts on pet prescriptions. Allen noted these loyalty benefits are particularly valuable during the holiday season and other busy grooming times.

“Our goal at Pointr is to be much more than just an appointment scheduling software,” Allen said. “We’re a true partner for independent pet businesses and the pet parents they serve, constantly striving to deliver the kind of value you just don’t see with most other software providers. We’re the software that pays you back—literally. PawPass is unique in that it offers benefits to businesses and clients alike, helping owners foster loyalty and retention to build more profitable businesses — and giving pet parents peace of mind they can’t get anywhere else.”


PawPass is available exclusively to pet businesses that use the core Pointr business platform. Learn more at

About Pointr

Pointr is the only comprehensive business platform designed specifically for pet business owners by people with years of experience in the industry — including veterinarians, groomers and store owners. Manage pet records, family profiles, grooming and daycare schedules, appointments and mobile routes — all in one place. Plus, build client loyalty and recurring revenue with Pointr’s PawPass membership program, offering 24/7 vet access, priority waitlist for grooming appointments and exclusive discounts on retail items and prescriptions. Independent pet businesses across the country get more with Pointr: the software that pays you back. Learn more at



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