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Self-Service Dog-Wash Comes to Long Island Area

Phaedra Rosario has chosen to franchise Bubbly Paws in the area given its innovative state-of-the-art dog grooming concept.




Bubbly Paws dog self wash

(PRESS RELEASE) LONG ISLAND, NY – Bubbly Paws, a self-service dog wash and full-service dog grooming salon, announced the opening of a franchise location in the Long Island, NY, area. Phaedra Rosario,has chosen to franchise Bubbly Paws in the area given its innovative state-of-the-art dog grooming concept. The company — and Rosario — also aim to work together with the community and local charities, to facilitate pet-adoptions and other community-initiatives.

Bubbly Paws is one-of-a-kind concept that utilizes self-service tubs so that pet owners are able to come in and bathe their canine in a fun home-away-from-home manner. Animal experts stress the importance of professional grooming and bathing to keep pets healthy. Modeled after upscale hair salons, Bubbly Paws offers a variety of grooming services in a laid back and low-stress setting.

Rosario served her country for over 25 years in the United States Army, with a long history of leading service members. She is also a professional dog behaviorist with an extensive background in modifying unwanted dog behavior. She decided to open a Bubbly Paws in the Long Island area seeing a need for the innovative concept.

“The Bubbly Paws owners created a progressive, well-established company in the pet industry, and I just really wanted to be part of it,” said Rosario. “Opening in Long Island will bring a dog grooming salon and spa that is hip and chic, turning a chore into a fun, enjoyable experience.” She is most excited about introducing the new concept of dog grooming where the environment is warm and inviting for both doggos and their humans.

Bubbly Paws puts a premium on providing great care and customer service to furry friends and their parents. Additionally, with fundraisers that support great dog causes, the company emphasizes encouraging customers to interact with their pups in new and fun ways.

“When Phaedra was in town for a Meet the Team day, it was great to see her eyes light up in excitement when she talked about owning her own location. She will be an amazing Bubbly Paws owner,” said Keith Miller, co-owner of Bubbly Paws. “In addition to her incredible background in the military and as a dog trainer, I feel that Phaedra’s energy and positivity is contagious. We are so excited to be working with her to develop a great location on Long Island!”


With five locations around Minneapolis and Idaho, their first franchise is under construction in Charlotte. Dallas and Long Island are the newest locations aiming for a fall opening. Texas and California, to name a few, are next on the list for franchise opportunities.



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