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Shed Defender Announces New Product

It’s the Mag-Snap Leash – a wearable, magnetic leash.





(PRESS RELEASE) IRVINE, CA — Shed Defender, the pet industry’s leading innovator of products dedicated to fostering a happier, healthier lifestyle for dogs, and the creators of the world’s first dog onesies, has introduced its newest product: the Mag-Snap Leash – a wearable, magnetic leash.

This innovative leash design creates a safe “off-leash” experience for dog parents on-the-go while keeping the leash safely on the dog and connected to the collar at all times. The Mag- Snap Leash’s patent-pending magnet design has four adjustable magnetic clips strategically placed along the leash, allowing them to simply snap together each time the leash circles the dog’s neck. This innovative design allows the leash to be conveniently worn by the dog when a leash isn’t needed. And, when you do need it, it’s always readily accessible, just pull the handle to smoothly unwrap and you’re ready to go.

“Instead of clipping and unclipping your leash from the collar multiple times on a walk, at the dog park, or just out and about together, our new Mag-Snap Leash offers pet parents a safe, wearable leash alternative that is convenient, comfortable and veterinarian approved,” said Shed Defender Founder, Tyson Walters.

The Mag-Snap magnets are designed to easily snap together, keeping the leash comfortably in place right below the collar, plus allows for a custom fit for any dog weighing over 25 pounds. The Mag-Snap Leash’s hands-free, revolutionary “off-leash” experience for dogs also features two padded handles at different lengths to allow for owners to quickly and comfortably shorten the leash, gaining optimal control as needed on a walk.

It conveniently connects to any standard collar and is made using only the highest quality and durable materials. The Mag-Snap Leash also features reflective stitching for increased visibility at night.

“Finally, you will never lose or misplace your leash again, and it won’t have to drag on the ground, get tangled up, or be removed unnecessarily anymore,” Walters added. “Our Mag- Snap Leash now allows dogs to quickly and safely be back on the leash in a snap!”


The Mag-Snap Leash retails for $39.99 and is available in one size for dogs 25 pounds or more, at a 5ft length, and in two colors: pink and black. Learn more about the new Mag-Snap Leash at or watch a demo video here. It is also available for purchase on Amazon.

If you are a member of the media and would like to request more information, product images, or an interview with Shed Defender founder, Tyson Walters, please contact Kerry Sutherland at K. Sutherland PR,, or (775) 360-6101.

About Shed Defender

Shed Defender is best-known for its dog onesies which offer multiple benefits. These dog onesies are an effective solution to excessive shedding and contain unwanted dog hair. They also offer support after surgery and are used as a veterinarian-approved, safe alternative to a traditional cone. They can help reduce fear and anxiety in dogs, and are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable for dogs of any size, from the smallest toy dog to the largest Great Dane. Shed Defender onesies are made from the company’s propriety “Shed-Tex” durable fabric that is fully recyclable and made from plastic bottles. The company has expanded its product line to include complementary solution products from sheddefending shampoos, skin and coat conditioners, soft chew supplements, anxiety relief products, and more. The company was seen on Shark Tank in Season 10, where they made a deal with Lori Greiner. On a mission to help pets and their owners live a happier, healthier life together, learn more at



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