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Stella & Chewy’s Partners with Christina Ricci

This is to celebrate the raw love of pets.





(PRESS RELEASE) OAK CREEK, WI — Stella & Chewy’s, the category leader in the raw pet food space, announced that it has joined forces with actress and pet parent Christina Ricci to celebrate the raw love our pets show us every day and showcase how food plays a key role in reciprocating this love. Whether it’s a cat hanging from a curtain without a care in the world or a dog sleeping on the couch like no one’s watching, pets show raw love by being their unfiltered, honest selves, and pet parents can return this love by feeding their pets quality ingredients, such as raw and raw-inspired food.

The premium pet food brand and television and film star aim to reach the growing number of pet parents seeking pet food options that provide nutritional benefits to their dogs and cats. Given the surge in pet adoptions throughout the COVID-19 pandemic – during which an estimated 23 million American households acquired a pet – and the fact that approximately 98 percent of pet parents state their relationship with their pet is one of the strongest emotional relationships in their lives (according to a 2021 survey from Stella & Chewy’s1), the partnership comes at a perfect time as more pet parents look for a healthier, less processed diet with quality ingredients.

“As an avid pet lover and parent myself, I’m lucky to be surrounded by my dogs’ raw love, like when they snuggle up with us on the couch for cuddles or offer up endless affection by licking my kids’ faces,” said Ricci. “To return the love they show me each day, I encourage my dogs Patrick, Logan and Karen Carpenter to keep being their unfiltered, playful selves by feeding them a non-processed diet that helps them stay energized and healthy.”

In addition to partnering with Ricci, Stella & Chewy’s launched the brand’s first-ever national campaign, “All You Need is Raw” – a bold and candid celebration of the raw, unfiltered behaviors that make our pets who they are. To celebrate, Ricci will be joining a launch event on Saturday, September 17 at Fetch Park Buckhead in Atlanta to give pet lovers the opportunity to enjoy a special day together.

At the event, attendees and their pets will have a chance to experience key elements of the “All You Need is Raw” campaign, including an art exhibition showcasing pets in their raw, natural state, and other immersive activities such as a live, in-action sketch artist and muralist, interactive photo booth opportunities and an onsite food truck and pet treating area.

“Partnering with Christina is a natural fit for our brand and we’re so excited she’s joining us to celebrate the raw love we share with our pets,” said Marc Hill, CEO of Stella & Chewy’s. “Stella & Chewy’s was founded with raw love at its core, and it couldn’t be more evident that Christina embodies this daily through the relationship she has with her three dogs.”


To learn more about Stella & Chewy’s range of premium raw and natural pet food for dogs and cats, visit or follow the company on Facebook or Instagram.

About Stella & Chewy’s

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Oak Creek Wisconsin, Stella & Chewy’s strives to provide the highest quality raw and natural pet food with an emphasis on nutrition, palatability, safety and convenience. The company’s dog and cat products include frozen patties and morsels, freeze-dried dinners and meal mixers, baked kibble, stews, broths and treats. Stella & Chewy’s proudly created Journey Home Fund; a charity that promotes adult and senior pet adoptions. For more information about the company, products and the nearest retailer, visit or call 877-477-8977.



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