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Yak9 Chews Launches Award-Winning Strawberry Cheese Chews at Global Pet Expo

These products gained accolades for two Best in Show awards at the 2023 Global Pet Expo.




(PRESS RELEASE) AUSTIN, TX – Give your dogs a taste of the sweet life with Yak9’s all-natural Strawberry Cheese Chews. Inspired by strawberry cheesecake, these human-grade chews are hand-crafted with wholesome ingredients: premium milk and USDA certified organic strawberries.

With the chews clad in charming pink burlap bags, and the labels adorned with delightful graphics, it comes with no surprise that these products gained accolades for two Best in Show awards at the 2023 Global Pet Expo. By popular vote in a pool of over 1000 entries, the company’s newest and ninth flavor was recognized as 2nd place for the Dog category, and 3rd place for the Boutique category by domestic and international buyers.

“We keep things simple and real here. We share our lives with our dogs, shouldn’t we share the same quality ingredients too? ” said Pukar Pyakurel, founder and director at Yak9 Chews. “We are excited to keep innovating, and are ecstatic with all the optimism we have received with the launch of our strawberry flavor.”

Since 2015, Yak9 has been committed to introducing first-of-its-kind products with their extensive line of flavored nutritional cheese chews, including the original 100% yak milk, honey, turmeric, flaxseed, coconut, pumpkin, blueberry, and the common yak and cow milk.

“We care about pets and the planet, and it is evident in the way we consciously select premium ingredients and smoke-dry our chews in small batches. We keep things as close to the earth as possible, from our yaks and cows who naturally graze on what the earth offers to our sustainable packaging.” Shristi Mishra, co-founder and CEO stated.

Additionally, Yak9’s Return 9 Bags, Get 1 Free Chew program also garnered much commendation at the event. This admirable initiative has recycled nearly 2000 bags as of today, and they hope to exponentially increase this number in the near future.

About Yak9 Chews

Yak9 Chews is an all-natural company that manufactures delicious flavored yak cheese chews for dogs made with ethically sourced, preservative-free, nutritious ingredients. Available online and in over 200 independent retailers, Yak9 Chews is a pioneer in the yak cheese chew industry with its innovative flavors and sustainable product packaging. Founded in 2015 by the husband and wife team of Pukar Pyakurel and Shristi Mishra, the company is currently based in Austin, TX. Learn more at, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.



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