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ZIWI Fact Sheet

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In ZIWI’s own words
Ethically sourced in New Zealand, each ZIWI recipe combines the nutrition found in raw diets with the safe convenience of dry food. We are focused on continuous innovation while staying true to our company’s core values using 100% ethical meats and seafoods, with no added antibiotics, hormones, or growth promotants.

What is ZIWI known for?
ZIWI is the global leader and innovator of air-dried nutrition. First, we pioneered the world’s first gentle air-drying technology. And now, we’ve created a new technology combining gentle air-drying with delicate micro-steaming. Our recipes are expertly crafted to be optimized for the biological needs of both dogs and cats.

Why did ZIWI get into the pet industry?
ZIWI was born with the goal of combining the nutrition of a raw diet with the convenience of ready-to-serve dry food. Our purpose is simple, to combine our pure origins, peak ingredients, and peak processes to enrich the lives of pets and their people through the peak of pure nutrition.

What’s New?
Introducing ZIWI Peak® Steam & Dried recipes for cats and dogs. Made using 100% quality raw meat, seafood and organs with added functional ingredients to support overall skin and coat health and digestion. Gently processed via our two-step Z-MicroSteam™ technology for optimum nutrition and palatability.

1. New Steam & Dried for dogs, 1.8lb: $32.98

2. New Steam & Dried for cats, 1.8lb: $34.98

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