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Antelope Announces Commitment to Independent Pet Stores Amid Recent My Perfect Pet Acquisition

The acquisition happened in September, with My Perfect Pet joining Super Snouts, Ark Naturals, Bocce’s Bakery and Doggo under the Antelope brand.




(PRESS RELEASE) Antelope, a leading provider of high-quality pet care products and services, announces the successful acquisition of My Perfect Pet, the original gently cooked dog and cat food brand founded in 2007 by Karen Neola. Together with Antelope their goal is to ensure that customers are receiving only the best for their beloved pets, so that they can enjoy long and healthy lives together.

My Perfect Pet has earned a reputation for producing innovative and nutritionally balanced pet food and treats made from all natural, whole foods of the highest quality including ingredients like beef, turkey, broccoli and cranberries. With a unique blend of cooked meat and raw veggies, finely ground for optimal digestion, the blended food is formed into bars and immediately frozen, so there is never a need to use preservatives. My Perfect Pet foods are complete and balanced to meet the Associate of American Feed Control Officials and produced in My Perfect Pet’s human food-safe owned and operated facility.

“At Antelope, we are always aiming to discover the highest quality pet products to add to our roster of offerings. When we came across My Perfect Pet, I was deeply impressed by their product quality and Karen’s dedication and passion for offering premium solution-based pet food,” said Wendy Wen, Founder and CEO at Antelope. “I recognize the tremendous potential for growth and the opportunity to further elevate the standards of pet care and we are thrilled to be their strategic partners. Our primary goal is to invest more in independent pet stores because we believe that My Perfect Pet’s exceptional products are still not fully penetrated in this channel. We are already evaluating areas where we can support such as more promos, marketing co-ops, and freezer promotions. Their success is our success, and we are dedicated to helping independent pet stores thrive.”

Antelope chose to partner with My Perfect Pet because of their unwavering commitment to quality, natural ingredients, and sustainability — which align perfectly with the brand values of the previous acquisitions, Bocce’s, Super Snouts, Ark Naturals, and Doggo. Since partnering with Alpine Investors in May 2021, Antelope has furthered their mission to transform the pet industry via a buy-and-build strategy, finding the highest-quality natural pet consumable brands, acquiring them, and helping them grow to the next level. As Antelope continues to expand its portfolio, the company is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction. Through their buy-and-build strategy, Antelope is dedicated to nurturing these brands’ growth and supporting their mission to provide natural, high-quality pet care.


For more information about Antelope, please visit or follow @antelopepets on Instagram or TikTok.

About Antelope Pets

Antelope is a leading provider of all-natural pet care products with a focus on healthy, limited ingredients. Through their buy-and-build strategy, Antelope seeks to transform the pet industry by identifying and acquiring the highest-quality natural pet consumable brands and nurturing their growth. With a commitment to excellence, Antelope aims to become the go-to solution for pet owners searching for natural, high-quality pet care.

About My Perfect Pet

My Perfect Pet food has only the highest quality natural whole food ingredients, like chicken, broccoli, and cranberries, and is made in their human food-safe, My Perfect Pet owned and operated facility. For more information on ingredients, brand values, sustainability, and more, visit



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