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Austin and Kat Announces Nationwide Launch of Advanced Blend #4 Hemp Extract

It stands as the most well-rounded cannabinoid product available to pet owners.




(PRESS RELEASE) SEATTLE, WA — Austin and Kat, a pioneering force in holistic pet wellness, unveils its nationwide availability of the innovative Blend #4 Hemp Extract. Directly derived from the raw hemp plant, this groundbreaking formula harnesses the naturally abundant CBDA molecule, setting a new paradigm in holistic pet remedies. Replacing previous iterations, Blend #4 stands as the most well-rounded cannabinoid product available to pet owners, marking a monumental progression in pet wellness standards across the U.S.

Kat Donatello, the founder of Austin and Kat, expressed her enthusiasm: “Introducing a formula that captures the raw potency of the hemp plant and makes it accessible to pet owners nationwide is a landmark step. Blend #4, with its integration of CBDA, brings us closer to our unwavering mission of enhancing pet wellness on a national scale.”

Key facets of this unique formula include:

  • Derived from Raw Hemp: Harnessing CBDA directly from its natural state in the raw hemp plant, ensuring an unaltered and potent holistic approach to pet wellness.
  • High Bioavailability: CBDA offers 19 times more bioavailability than CBD, ensuring that each dose provides robust support.
  • Comprehensive & Diverse Benefits: CBDA and CBD work synergistically but differently by interacting with distinct receptors. Their combined actions offer a broad spectrum of benefits, ranging from balancing inflammatory pathways to aiding pets with nervousness and neurological conditions.
  • Synergistic Action: The harmonious pairing of CBD and CBDA amplifies the overall benefits, creating an effect where 1 plus 1 equals 3.
    From their meticulous crafting processes in The Makery, based in South Seattle, to the rigorous third-party testing protocols, Austin and Kat remain unwavering in their commitment to quality and purity.

To ensure expansive accessibility, Austin and Kat have forged partnerships with esteemed distributors: Independent Pet Supply, IPS South, Pet Food Experts, and Southeast Pet. These alliances fortify their reach to every corner of the nation, ensuring multifaceted needs of pet parents are effectively met. Additionally, the range is available directly through Austin and Kat, offering a seamless purchase experience for dedicated retailers.

Dive deeper into Austin and Kat’s world and explore their groundbreaking offerings here.

About Austin and Kat

Austin and Kat began in Kat’s home kitchen in 2014, as a way to assist her aging dog Brady into his golden years with the help of hemp and botanical extracts. The company soon grew into a full-fledged product line of chews and oil, as well as non-CBD supplement powders. Austin and Kat still produces everything by hand in small batches, using the very best all-natural ingredients in their very own Seattle Makery. For more information, email or visit




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