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Catalyst Pet Enhances Its Sustainable Litter Formulation to Improve Upon Overall Performance

The new formulation will improve the litter’s rate of absorption, make it even less dusty, and provide a better overall cat and customer experience.




(PRESS RELEASE) BROOMFIELD, CO — Catalyst Pet, a litter brand known for its sustainable, high-performing, affordable cat litter has altered its litter formulation to improve performance and customer/cat satisfaction. The new formulation will be used in all three of the brand’s types of litter: Healthy Cat, Multi-Cat and Unscented. These changes will make the litter even less dusty, increase the rate of absorption, improve the smell, and optimize overall performance.

“We’re always looking for ways to enhance our products,” says Cammie Kaminski with Catalyst Pet. “We love hearing from our customers, and we really take their feedback to heart. We think they’re going to love the changes we’ve made to their favorite cat litter.” Although the formulation is being improved upon, customers can still expect only natural and sustainable ingredients to be used and for the price tag to remain the same. The new formulation is launching now and will automatically be sent to litter subscribers and customers.

“Just when you think you’ve found the best litter around, they go above and beyond and create a new blend that is amazing,” says Michele Hoffman of Milo’s Sanctuary — a longtime Catalyst nonprofit partner. “The new formula is significantly less dusty and clumps even better. Our cats are loving it.”

Below are changes customers can expect to see with the new formulation:

  • Increased rate of absorption: The updated formula will allow for even faster absorption of liquid, making the soiled litter less slick and easier to scoop.
  • Less dust: Catalyst is already known to have very little dust, but the new formulation has even less dust than the original, making it even healthier for cats and humans.
  • Improved Scent: The scent of the new formulation will be noticeably different for Healthy Cat and Multi-Cat, providing a pleasant, fresh and natural pine scent. Added bonus: This will further improve the litter’s already high level of cat acceptance.
  • Slightly lighter color: The color will vary slightly, however this is aesthetic only and in no way affects performance of the litter.
  • The percentages of certain ingredients will be altered slightly for overall improved performance.

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About Catalyst Pet

Catalyst is part of the Lignetics family of brands, all of which are proudly committed to offering sustainable products for consumers’ everyday lifestyles. From cats to bunnies and small, furry friends in between, Catalyst’s offerings are engineered from upcycled soft wood fiber to offer the best performance and peace of mind. Catalyst offers award-winning cat litter, small animal bedding, and a variety of complementary products so pet parents can make responsible, renewable, sustainable choices – for people, pets, and the planet. For more information, visit




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