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Catalyst Pet Launches Small Animal Bedding Line

The cat litter company unveils its new sustainable, high-performing, Douglas fir wood-based small animal bedding.




(PRESS RELEASE) BROOMFIELD, CO – There’s a new player in the small animal bedding world. Catalyst Pet unveils its new sustainable, high performing, Douglas fir wood-based small animal bedding.

Catalyst Pet first launched in 2020 with a revolutionary clumping softwood cat litter. From the start, Catalyst Pet has kept the health of the planet — and the health of cats — a top priority. This small bedding product also has that mission in mind.

Catalyst’s wood-based small pet bedding is made from locally sourced, 100% natural Douglas Fir residuals, which small pets and their parents love because of its thoughtful, comfort-focused design. The bedding has a crafted thickness, shape, smoothness, and flexibility, making your small pet cozy and content in their space, along with keeping the space dry, sanitary, and a breeze to clean up.

This kiln-dried Douglas Fir product checks all the boxes for a high-performing small animal bedding: advanced hypoallergenic properties, natural, maximally absorbent of liquid and odors, non-toxic, and, of course, sustainable. The bedding is also a perfectly safe option for your small furry friend. Even your little pals with respiratory issues can rest easy, as the bedding is 99% dust-free, providing an exceptional air quality environment.

“Until now, Lignetics did not have a small animal bedding product, and believe us, it was worth the wait,” says Mark Medearis, VP of the Bedding Division at Lignetics, Catalyst’s proud parent company. “There are absolutely no additives in Catalyst’s product. Nothing artificial. The wood comes straight from local mills or sometimes the forest floor itself. We’re in the Pacific Northwest, which is Douglas fir territory,” he shares.

Catalyst is the first company to utilize Douglas fir for small animal bedding applications, though it has been successfully used for larger animals like horses.


“This is a very clean product, and we’re excited to offer it as a new and sustainable, biodegradable bedding option for small animals,” Medearis said. “We know Catalyst has long offered high-performance cat litter, and this bedding will be of the same quality and function. Pet parents could even use the fir bedding for their cats in a pinch,” he laughs.

The new bedding is available in several sizes either via a subscription or one-time purchase at

About Catalyst Pet

Catalyst is part of the Lignetics family of brands, all of which are proudly committed to offering sustainable products for consumers’ everyday lifestyles. From cats to bunnies and small, furry friends in between, Catalyst’s offerings are engineered from upcycled soft wood fiber to offer the best performance and peace of mind. Catalyst offers award-winning cat litter, small animal bedding, and a variety of complementary products so pet parents can make responsible, renewable, sustainable choices – for people, pets, and the planet. Join the revolution! For more information, visit



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