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DoggyRade Partners With Premier Working Dog Trainer Aaron Tucker

The company will create a line for Tucker to promote exclusively in his working dog adventures.




(PRESS RELEASE) SAINT JOSEPH, MO — Aaron Tucker has seen it all as a retired firefighter, paramedic, and police officer. With those jobs came the duties of making sure working dog programs had the best training possible, especially in volatile areas of the world, like the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. Tucker was the man that made sure the dogs under his care were well trained and ready to perform.

Back in the US, Tucker began his own dog training school called Florida K9 Unleashed in Central Florida. To this day he continues to work with dogs of all kinds. In his practice, he knows the importance of hydration for canines, so it was a no brainer that he wanted to team up with the folks at DoggyRade.

“Dogs lose electrolytes and minerals through physical activity, and replenishing these nutrients without excessive water intake helps prevent bloat, which is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition in dogs. DoggyRade is all about replenishing those essential electrolytes,” said Tucker recently.

Doggyrade Prebiotic Drink encourages enterocytes, which are intestinal absorptive cells. Enterocytes gather prebiotics, water and amino acids directly in an animal’s lower intestine, which rapidly rehydrates them as they break down food into energy. In studies done, DoggyRade dogs drink up to five times more water than canines that are offered only water. The drink is highly palatable and ready to use for on-the-go for pups on high energy missions.

“I’m excited to work with DoggyRade because hydration in dogs is not addressed the same way as human hydration. The product addresses the gap in the market while promoting responsible pet ownership through healthier, more active lives for dogs.”

DoggyRade will be creating a line for Tucker to promote exclusively in his working dog adventures, until that line is completed, he will work with the current product. For more information, go to DoggyRade’s website.




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