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Grooming Salon Owners Surveyed Share the Biggest Challenge Facing Their Businesses

Getting in regular clients and meeting the needs of new clients are among the answers.




IN THE THIRD PETS+ COVID-19 Impact Survey, we focused on the segment of the pet industry most impacted by government restrictions: grooming salons and grooming departments in pet stores.

We asked, “If you have reopened, what is the biggest challenge facing your business?”

“Getting clients in before they go elsewhere” was the top answer at 33 percent.

Tiffany Corbett of The Spa at Tiffany’s Pet Grooming & Boutique in Hinsdale, MA, had not yet reopened when she took our survey and said this would be her biggest challenge “because other places stayed open when I closed, some clients went elsewhere.”

“Staffing shortages” came in second at 26 percent.

Pattie Zeller of Animal Connection in Charlottesville, VA, said, “We need more groomers! The ones laid off from other shops don’t want to work since they get unemployment plus $600 to stay at home.”

“Maintaining health and safety protocols” followed at 19 percent, with “Cash flow to operate normally” only getting 4 percent as the biggest business challenge.

Among the “Other” answers that made up 18 percent were “Walk-in nail trims,” from Jan
Guin at All Pet Supplies in Springfield, MO. Many salons and stores with grooming departments have paused this service until they get caught up and/or determine the best way to handle this in the new COVID-19 world.


Another “Other” response came from Dani Edgerton of Paws on Main in Columbiana, OH, who said her biggest challenge was, “Getting everyone in. Handling calls from many non-clients who can’t find an appointment with others.”

As of May 26, 44 owners and managers have responded to part two of our COVID-19 Impact Survey Part 3. Take the survey yourself, and stay tuned for more results. Join the PETS+ Brain Squad to take part in surveys. To hear more from your independent pet business peers, join our Facebook Community.


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