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Two-thirds of cats face the risk of urinary diseases and/or diabetes. OdorLock® maxCare™ is the perfect solution to offer peace of mind to cat parents who closely monitor their cat’s health. This ultra-premium clay litter includes white granules that can turn blue when they detect blood or glucose in cat’s urine, giving you early warning of feline health issues.

What makes this product special?
OdorLock® maxCare™ is the only ultra-premium clay clumping litter to detect traces of glucose and blood in a cat’s urine, early indicators of health issues, unlike the competitors only showing pH levels. Also, compared to its competitors, it only needs one drop of blood in cat’s urine for the granules to detect it. No other health issues monitoring cat litter performs like this one!

What is OdorLock® known for?
OdorLock® is an ultra premium clay litter offering ultimate odor control for 40 days thanks to an innovative technology that blocks ammonia! Our natural, pure, high-performance clay gives our litter the power to absorb and clump quickly and solidly. It’s soft texture and fine grain is safe and gentle on your cat’s paws. And it’s virtually dust-free.

What is Intersand known for?
For over 30 years, Intersand has been committed to bringing the very best, highly innovative, and diversified premium cat litter solutions worldwide. We want cats to live long healthy lives!

1. Granules turn blue even with just one drop of blood in urine.

2. OdorLock® maxCareTM – Premium Clay Litter with Health Issues Monitoring

Download the Fact Sheet here.

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