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Juniper Gives Gen Z and Millennial Dog Parents an Informational and Shopping Platform

SodaPup, Fi Smart Dog Collar and The Paws Bandanas offer exclusive discounts to members.




(PRESS RELEASE) Juniper, ( a groundbreaking online community and website that provides a platform for Generation Z and Millennial dog parents has just launched this month! Juniper was born out of a genuine love for dogs and a void in the marketplace. The journey began when Founder and CEO Allison Esposito Medina faced numerous challenges gathering information as a concerned pet parent to her adopted dog Addie. “I started to see huge gaps in the market for pet parents,” explained Medina, Juniper’s founder and CEO. “It was hard to dig through all the information to figure out how to best care for my dog. I knew there had to be a better way, and after looking hard for it and not finding it, I decided to build Juniper.”

Members of Juniper will get a newsletter, access to informative articles, and select discounts on curated dog brands at no charge. Paid members to the Juniper Pet Club (see website for membership information) will receive full access to all articles and guides, membership in the online community to connect with other dog owners, and access to all discounts on products that Juniper has identified as the best of the best.

“First and foremost, we just want to make things easier,” continues Medina. “You’ll only need to spend 10 minutes browsing our site or hanging out in the community and you can walk away with a tidbit that helps you become a better dog parent that week. We’re not trying to replace those information portals out there that feature veterinarian or professional training advice, instead we’re focusing on the emotional aspects of being a pet parent. Our information will help you think about taking care of your dog in a thoughtful, more nuanced way and let you know that if you’re struggling, you are not alone.” Here’s an example of tips Juniper recently shared.

Juniper will be testing out products with a goal of helping small businesses that produce high-quality pet goods thrive and grow. At launch, Juniper is proudly partnering with the following businesses: Foggy Dog, SodaPup, Fi Smart Dog Collar, The Paws Bandanas and more to pass along exclusive discounts to Juniper members.

“We’re so excited to work with Allison on the launch of Juniper! At Fi, we’re on a mission to build the smartest tech ever created for dogs with our Fi Series 3 Smart Collar.” Ryan Lore, head of Partnerships,


Juniper is also launching the Underdog Awards, an interactive product on its homepage where users can upload a photo of their dog and choose a superlative such as “Fastest Zoomies” or “Toy Destroyer” and more, and it will generate an award they can share on social media. Everyone wants to show off their pup, and Juniper wants to celebrate imperfect dog parents and imperfect dogs. Rescue dogs will be featured as “Most Adoptable” as part of Juniper’s outreach and support of rescue and shelter organizations.

For more information, visit Juniper here.



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