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Lafeber Releases New Tropical Fruit Gourmet Pellets

Lafeber offers seven different versions of tropical fruit gourmet pellets.




(PRESS RELEASE) CORNELL, IL — Lafeber Company has been contributing to the health and wellness of pet birds for over thirty years and is recognized as the industry leader in pet bird and nutritionally complete foraging food. Using human-grade and non-GMO ingredients, Lafeber specializes in healthy and fun-to-eat pet bird food that supports its good taste and intelligence.

Tropical Fruit Gourmet Pellets are the only pet-bird, fruit pellets made exclusively with the natural taste of fruit — no added sugar or fructose. Real pieces of papaya, mango, and pineapple bring a new flavor to Lafeber’s premium pellets that were first developed by Dr. Lafeber Sr. in 1973, which were also the first ones specially formulated for pet birds. The pellets are produced in small batches on the Lafeber family farmland in Illinois with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

The Tropical Fruit Gourmet Pellets provide all the nutrients needed for pet birds to live full, energetic, and healthy lives. Each pellet contains essential vitamins, chelated minerals, and balanced omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Lafeber offers seven different versions of Tropical Fruit Gourmet Pellets: Finch, Canary, Parakeet, Cockatiel, Conure, Parrot, and Macaw and Cockatoo



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