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Pure Cravings Introduces New Minced Tuna Line

It has a red-meat tuna base with one of five different added protein toppers: Tuna loin, Salmon, Mackerel, Sardine and Chicken.




(PRESS RELEASE) Pure Cravings is an innovative new pet brand that addresses the mercury problem in cat food by rapidly testing fish to strict mercury limits. Pure Cravings is the only brand of pet food to test every tuna and salmon, and every catch of bait fish, to a strict mercury limit. This premium canned cat food brand is human-grade, non-GMO, 100% wild-caught, and sustainably sourced.

“Mercury levels in fish can vary widely. Two identical tuna of the same species and size can vary in mercury up to 10 times.” says Pure Cravings Cofounder, Sean Wittenberg. “The only way to protect cats from mercury variance is to test every single tuna and salmon, and every catch of sardines and mackerel. Pure Cravings’ mercury-testing technology sets a new, unmatched standard for the pet food industry. Pure Cravings is the only brand to test each and every can of cat food to a strict mercury-limit.”

Studies have shown that mercury levels in cats with fish-based diets have been found to be 5X higher than those in people. Elevated mercury levels can contribute to hyperthyroidism and kidney failure—an issue particularly found in older cats. Pure Cravings’ industry-certified technology ensures every single tuna and salmon, and every catch of smaller baitfish, like sardines and mackerel, are tested to a limit of 0.07ppm – a level experts consider safe for cats and far lower than average mercury levels found in many cat foods today. No other brand does this.

At Global Pet Expo 2022, Pure Cravings was awarded “Best in Show” in the cat category for the New Product Showcase. Pure Cravings is a new pet-food brand created by the founders of Safe Catch—the internationally recognized seafood brand that tests every single tuna and salmon to strict mercury limits. Safe Catch Cofounders Wittenberg and Boches applied their revolutionary mercury-testing technology to cat food to develop Pure Cravings.

The new Pure Cravings Minced Tuna line has a red-meat tuna base with one of five different added protein toppers: Tuna loin, Salmon, Mackerel, Sardine, and Chicken. Pure Cravings is the only 100% mercury tested-tuna for cats, and this new line is made with human-grade fish, is free of grains, GMOs, and gum additives. Pure Cravings always sources 100% sustainably wild-caught fish that is fully traceable.

Pure Cravings is available in in six other varieties: Tuna Cutlets in Gravy, Salmon Cutlets in Gravy, Sardine Cutlets in Gravy, Mackerel Cutlets in Gravy, Tuna & Salmon Cutlets in Gravy and Sardine & Mackerel Cutlets in Gravy. Every can of Pure Cravings is grain-free and contains non-GMO ingredients.


Learn more or shop the new Pure Cravings line today at



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