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Animalbiome Launches Inaugural State of the Gut Report

The aim is to raise awareness about the importance of cat and dog gut health.




(PRESS RELEASE) OAKLAND, CA — AnimalBiome, the world’s leader in science-backed microbiome testing and restoration products for companion animals, announces the launch of their first annual State of the Gut report. Based on seven years of testing the gut microbiome of cats and dogs, and a survey of 2,000 cat parents and 2,000 dog parents in the United States, the report comes in two versions: one for consumer pet parents, and another for veterinary professionals.

“The purpose of the 2022 State of the Gut report is to assess the current state of cat and dog gut health in the U.S. and to increase awareness and understanding of the gut microbiome”, said Dr. Holly Ganz, chief science officer and co-founder at AnimalBiome. “We hope our findings will contribute to greater longevity and happiness for cats and dogs everywhere.”

The 2022 State of the Gut report by AnimalBiome reveals some fascinating insights, including the results of seven years of gut microbiome testing which found E. coli at unhealthy levels in 1 in 3 dogs, and 1 in 7 cats. “The findings of the analysis are significant. In mining the data we had accumulated over the past seven years, we discovered something we didn’t expect: unhealthy levels of E. coli bacteria were present in a surprising number of these cats and dogs, even those who weren’t exhibiting any symptoms”, adds Dr. Ganz.

In addition, the report identifies that gut health issues aren’t always addressed by a visit to a veterinarian. “I knew from talking to our early customers that I wasn’t alone in finding it hard to resolve my own pet’s gut health issues, but I am astounded to learn that almost 30% of pet parents say that their pet’s GI and Skin issues were not resolved with a vet visit”, said Carlton Osborne, chief executive officer and co-founder at AnimalBiome.

Learn more about these insights, and other important findings on cat and dog gut health, by downloading the consumer State of the Gut report at or the veterinarian State of the Gut report at

About Animalbiome

AnimalBiome is the world’s leader in science-backed microbiome testing and restoration products for companion animals. Started as a citizen science project in 2015, we have helped test, restore, and maintain the gut microbiome of thousands of pets. AnimalBiome has the largest database of pet microbiome samples in the world and was the first to create a gut microbiome health test for pets. Our tests use genetic sequencing to characterize the microbiome of individual pets allowing us to provide actionable insights for veterinarians and pet parents about changes in diet, including prebiotics and macronutrient ratios. Learn about our brands at: DoggyBiome, KittyBiome and AnimalBiome Veterinary.




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