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Good Boy Studios Improves Social Media Ad Performance by Up to 30% for Pet Brands Using Its Targeting Platform

Clients can target pets by breed, age, gender, size & more.




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(PRESS RELEASE) GREENWICH, CT – Good Boy Studios announced that it is improving click-through-rates (CTRs) up to 30% for clients using its Pet Demographics Audience Platform. Used by top-tier clients such as Mars Pet Care, Nestlé Purina, and Zoetis, the platform allows pet marketers to target pets by multiple attributes never seen before in digital advertising. With 8.5 million pets verified from first party data sources, brands can target pet parents by pet breed, age, gender, size, food, activities, birthday and more. The more personalized the advertising is to the pet parents’ pet, the higher the performance.

“Featuring specific breeds in ads which match the health conditions or brand lifestyle a product represents is a proven strategy for improving click-through-rates,” said Viva Chu, co-founder and CEO of Good Boy Studios. “Facebook and Google algorithms favor advertisers with compelling photos and posts that drive the highest click through rates. Ads with higher CTRs are rewarded with lower advertising costs and higher ROI.”

Good Boy Studios’ Pet Demographics Audience Platform is the perfect tool for marketers impacted by last year’s Apple iOS 14 release. According to a recent survey from DataBox, 50% of Facebook advertisers surveyed have experienced increased costs and negative ROI since 2021. The Platform is available to marketers of all sizes and budgets.

“It is very rare to find a partner with expertise in building complex data and technology solutions while at the same time understanding how to craft compelling consumer experiences. Good Boy Studios checks all of those boxes for us,” said Aaron Griffin, Director of CRM and Data Strategy at Nestlé Purina.

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About Good Boy Studios


Good Boy Studios is a global leader of pet identity and pet data solutions. It has built the world’s first Pet Identity Graph for Pet Businesses to drive marketing results using its patent-pending Pet Demographics Audience Platform and mobile apps Pet Parade and PetStar. The Pet Demographics Audience Platform enables pet marketers to drive cost efficiencies and conversions by targeting and segmenting by pet breed, size, gender, life stage, and food preferences.



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