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LIX Announces Large Breed Formula

It is available in a higher milligram throughout all categories of their current product line.





(PRESS RELEASE) CANBY, OR – LIX, a pet wellness company focused on improving the lives of pets, has announced the launch of its new Large Breed Formula as the next contribution to their line of flavorless and odorless custom broad-spectrum CBD products. The new Large Breed Formula line is available in a higher milligram throughout all categories of their current product line.

“Large Breed Formula” offers the highest quality and milligram products on the market for animals, with a 2500 milligram ELIXIR, 40 milligram per BITE soft chew, and larger 3 oz. container of HEALER, a scent-free healing salve.

“We always formulate our products with all animals in mind. As the demand for our products keeps growing, we continue to focus on how our products can reach across species. With the new Large Breed Formula, we can now better support our larger animal friends, including larger dogs, goats, llamas, horses, cows, and more. Adding to this, the higher milligram group is a more cost-effective option for our smaller, multi-animal homes too,” said Kirstan Sanders, co-founder.


“After much success with our current line-up of products, we saw how underserved the market is for high quality CBD products for larger animals. We are excited to be able to make these products available at an affordable price point with quality ingredients for all animals and their people,” added Erin Hills, co-founder.

Large Breed Formula rounds out LIX’s foundational products. Made to be organic, all-natural, and with limited ingredients, the current line, including large breed products, contains:

ELIXIR, a flavorless and odorless broad-spectrum tincture, available in:

  • 250 mg (dog & feline)
  • 500 mg
  • 1000 mg
  • (NEW): 2500 mg

BITES, a soft chew supplement formulated with the same flavorless and odorless oil, available in:

  • 400 mg/10 mg per BITE
  • 800 mg/20 mg per BITE
  • (NEW) 1600 mg/40 mg per BITE.

HEALER, the healing and soothing salve, available in:

  • 100 mg
  • (NEW) 300 mg

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