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LIX Launches Broad Spectrum CBD BITES, Soft Chews for All Animals

Organically sourced, broad spectrum, and plant-based supplements handmade in small batches.




(PRESS RELEASE) CANBY, OR, — LIX, the Oregon-based pet wellness startup focusing on improving pets’ lives with CBD and superfoods, formally announced a new line of handmade, broad spectrum CBD soft chews designed for all animals. BITES are a nutrient-packed supplement created with superfoods and LIX’s signature broad spectrum, flavorless and odorless CBD, forming the perfect combination to masterfully support systemic wellness.

BITES are sustainably harvested, made with love, organic ingredients, and complete obsession with benefits for every animal. The signature cannabinoid profile tops off the BITES and enhances mental, physical, and emotional aspects for pets. This latest product launch expands on the original product line of broad spectrum CBD tinctures and a topical salve. With a combined 25 years of experience in the pet wellness, food, pharmaceutical, cannabis, and technology worlds, Hills and Sanders combined their complementary skills – and their years nurturing and working with animals in and out of rescue – to launch LIX in May 2020.

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Made with all organic ingredients, the founders thoughtfully crafted the recipe for optimal health benefits and wide acceptance across species. No artificial ingredients or preservatives are found in BITES. BITES are safe for all animals.
Superfoods include:

  • Organic strawberry for anti-aging, brain boosting, sight protectant, immune building and system enhancing properties
  • Wild blueberry for immune enhancing qualities, viral protection, benefits against chronic disease, brain enhancing properties, and overall cognitive support
  • Spirulina for antioxidant levels, ability to provide pain relief, and anti-inflammatory effects

All LIX products are made with a signature broad spectrum CBD oil and contain no THC. BITES are available in containers of 800 milligram and 400 milligram sizes, and each container holds 40 pieces, with strengths in 10 milligram and 20 milligram per BITE. BITES are packaged in recyclable containers with twist-off lids. In an effort to reach curious pet owners, LIX is also launching intro packs for the BITES. The intro packs are an easy way to sample three BITE packs in 10 mg or 20 mg per bite packages. They make a perfect ‘grab and go’ option for hiking or traveling. A simple, heart-shaped dosing and guidance card comes with every container and trial package.

LIX pet wellness products are made for animals, are human grade, organic, and always free of pesticides and additives. CBD used in LIX products is sourced in Colorado and the Pacific Northwest.

“Upon launching our ELIXIRS last spring, we quickly realized the need in the market for a soft chew of higher quality ingredients and higher milligrams per chew. Many times, the ineffectiveness of CBD chews for customers is a result of the low dose per chew and the number of chews required to be given to reach an effective dose. BITES solves that problem and brings CBD supplements for our pets to the next level,” said Hills.


“This is a labor of love. We’ve been using superfoods and CBD for years with our animals as well as rescue animals. This creation is a culmination of our work with holistic vets, nutritionists and our experience — we are constant students. Our goal with our creation of BITES is to offer a wellness supplement in a greater strength CBD and superfood combination that tastes great without adding excessive calories. We don’t white label, these aren’t machine-made, we’ve eliminated common allergens, and BITES are not species-specific. They are happily eaten by dogs, cats, horses, bearded dragons, hamsters (in small doses) and more. Every animal has wellness needs and we’ve addressed those needs with BITES,” said Sanders.

Shipping is available domestically and internationally dependent on regulations. All foreign regulatory information is available here and

Each batch of product is tested at a third party independent lab to ensure the highest quality and potency. All LIX products use the highest quality hemp CBD combined with natural and organic ingredients.

LIX products are available online at, and in-store throughout the Pacific Northwest and Texas. To find a LIX distributor near you, visit here . To inquire about becoming a LIX retailer, contact



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