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Open Farm Launches Newest Product Innovation Goodbowl

Meticulously sourced simple and wholesome ingredients address pet parents’ growing desire for sustainability, transparency and animal welfare.




(PRESS RELEASE) TORONTO – Open Farm, one of the fastest-growing pet food brands among neighborhood pet retailers in North America, announced its latest product innovation in a top-selling portfolio of nutritious, sustainably and ethically sourced pet food and treats. Goodbowl is a nourishing and wholesome premium kibble and freeze-dried raw topper, crafted with meticulously sourced ingredients, offering optimum nutrition for dogs and cats.

Goodbowl by Open Farm is simplicity in a bowl, humanely raised proteins, and pure and simple ingredients, providing vital energy for every dog and cat’s well-being. In these five new delicious recipes, Open Farm upholds the Open Farm Promise, following ethical practices and sustainable sourcing, ensuring a positive impact on pets and the planet. From humanely raised chicken to Ocean Wise certified wild-caught salmon, every pet deserves the wholesome goodness of a Goodbowl.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Goodbowl, offering pet parents another option to nourish their pets with premium, responsibly sourced ingredients,” said Mark Sapir, Chief Marketing Officer, Open Farm. “Our commitment to pet wellness and sustainability continues to drive innovation, and we’re excited to share Goodbowl’s nutritional benefits with the pet community. We think the sub-brand offers modern pet parents their desired solution and given our attractive price points and strong value, we expect consumers will trade-up into super-premium nutrition.”

Added Amy Horton, chief sales officer at Open Farm: “As sustainability, transparency, and animal welfare become more of a focus for pet parents, we know that our retailers are wanting to ensure they have in-demand products that uniquely fit this need.”

Goodbowl is the latest product offering in Open Farm’s eight-category portfolio spanning dry food, freeze-dried raw, gently cooked, treats, bone broths and more. There are five new GoodBowl recipes including three recipe offerings for dogs, and two recipe offerings for cats.

Goodbowl Dog
These recipes offer pet parents a line-up of oven-baked, nutritious kibble as well a freeze dried raw topper line-up made with only 6 meticulously sourced, simple ingredients. All recipes are made with humanely raised meats without antibiotics or added hormones or Ocean Wise certified wild-caught salmon as the first ingredient to deliver optimal taste and whole food nutrition for your pet! All recipes adhere to the Open Farm Promise. Goodbowl™ for dogs is oven-baked in small batches, for a highly nutritious, digestible, and delicious meal for dogs. The new dog recipes include:

  • Goodbowl Harvest Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe,
  • Goodbowl Grass-Fed Beef & Brown Rice Recipe,
  • Goodbowl Wild-Caught Salmon & Brown Rice Recipe

[3.5lb & 22lb offerings $18.99 – $69.99 USD/ $23.99 – $89.99 CDN]

Goodbowl – Cat

These recipes offer pet parents wholesome, nutritious kibble that cats will crave. All animal proteins are made with humanely raised chicken without antibiotics or added hormones or Ocean Wise certified wild-caught salmon as the first ingredient to deliver optimal taste and whole food nutrition for cats. These simple ingredients are carefully sourced, 100% traceable and purposefully combined to provide cats with optimal nutrition. The new cat recipes include:

  • Goodbowl Harvest Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe
  • Goodbowl Wild-Caught Salmon & Brown Rice Recipe

[3lb & 7lb offerings $19.99 – $29.99 USD/ $23.99 – $39.99 CDN]

Open Farm’s domestic and international sales teams as well as members of its senior leadership team will be exhibiting product sets from all categories in Booth 417 at Global Pet Expo in March. Open Farm will also be showcasing new products in the New Product Showcase with four booths including Dog Goodbowl, Dog Wet Food, Cat Goodbowl, and Cat Wet Food.


For more information about Open Farm, visit here or contact them through

About Open Farm

Open Farm is one of the fastest growing pet food companies in North America. We focus on producing premium, healthy food and treats for pets, all ethically sourced from farm-to-bowl. We believe the best foods are made with consciously sourced, top-quality ingredients from farmers and fisheries doing things the right way. That’s why we were the first pet food company to certify 100% of our meat to higher animal welfare standards and partner with ecolabels like Ocean Wise for our seafood.



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