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Suziria Brands Launches Production of Pet Snacks Under New Half&Half Brand

The Ukrainian company announces opening of a new production facility for natural pet snacks and launch of the premium brand.




(PRESS RELEASE) Suziria Brands, a private label company that is part of the Ukrainian group of companies Suziria Group, which has been developing a culture of animal care in the market for over 30 years, has announced the opening of a new production facility for natural pet snacks and the launch of the premium brand Half&Half. This reflects the company’s ability to expand and strengthen its presence in the international and internal markets despite the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The new production facility has an area of 1,600 square meters and is located in Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk region, near the western border of the country. This is the group’s third production asset in Ukraine. Investments in this project amounted to more than half a million euros. Suziria Brands plans to produce about 7,200 tons of pet products annually at the new plant using unique technologies.

“Our company, Suziria Brands, always strives to create products that are focused on consumer demand, using only innovative approaches to production. The opening of another production facility in Kalush is a recognition that our country has everything we need to create high-quality products in Ukraine that are competitive in the global market,” says Polina Kosharna, co-owner and chairman of the supervisory board of Suziria Group.

Suziria Brands is not only expanding its activities by opening new production facilities, but also introducing a new brand Half&Half to the pet market. It was created to meet the needs of modern consumers and provide healthy food for pets. The product line includes meat snacks for dogs and cats produced in Kalush, as well as natural food produced in Poland under a private label.

Half&Half’s audience is made up of millennials and pet parents who understand and respect the needs of their animals. They appreciate the originality and quality of products, which is what the manufacturer is focused on. The food and snacks include healthy products for a balanced diet and comfortable digestion.

“We understand that modern pet parents demand high-quality products, and Half&Half meets these expectations by launching food and snacks with natural ingredients. Our brand is a desire to provide four-legged pets with delicious snacks and to give customers confidence in the quality and well-being of their pets,” adds Polina Kosharna.


An important component for Suziria Brands will be the launch of the Half&Half brand on the international market. Thus, Half&Half food is already available in Europe, and snacks will be available for ordering from January 2024. As of November 2023, Suziria Brands has already exported its brands of food, non-food, and veterinary categories, Savory, Priroda, SpecialOne, and ProVet, to more than 10 partners and continues to actively develop both its own and private brands in the pet food and snacks industry.


At the end of September this year, Suziria Distribution, which is also a part of Suziria Group and the main distributor of pet products in the Ukrainian market, announced another investment in the infrastructure of the Ukrainian pet market, opening an innovative warehouse in Kolonshchyna village, Kyiv region, with an area of more than 8000 square meters. The amount of investment in the facility amounted to about 1 million euros.

About Suziria Group

Suziria Group is a Ukrainian family-owned company that has been developing the pet market for over 30 years. The company includes Suziria Brands, Suziria Distribution and MasterZoo omnichannel pet store chain with MasterZoo Grooming grooming salons. The company operates throughout Ukraine and abroad, exporting its own brands, including Savory, Half&Half, Special One, Pet Fashion, Buddy Boo, Priroda, ProVet and SoftVET.

About Suziria Brands

Suziria Brands is a company that is part of the Suziria Group and specializes in the creation and production of pet market brands. It includes a portfolio of brands: Savory, Half&Half, Special One, Pet Fashion, Buddy Boo, Priroda, ProVet and SoftVET, each of which covers different categories of pet food, snacks and products.




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